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How to choose serviced apartments for your holiday

London is a sought after global holiday destination. Attractions apart, one major reason for London’s pull is its first class holiday rentals spread in short stay apartments and serviced apartments for holiday travellers.

Holiday apartments in London are always the best option when it comes to finding a budget accommodation amidst a sea of expensive hotels. These budget accommodations give the customer the absolute freedom to explore the minute details of the culturally captivating city, without bothering about hotel bills, apathetic hotel service or scary restaurant bills.

That holiday rental in the heart of London is an oasis of peace is no exaggeration. It gives the people peace, tranquility, freedom and flexibility to see London at their own pace. London holiday rentals break the monotony of everyday life without breaking your bank.

Live in the heart of City

Living in a serviced apartment in the heart of London while on a holiday means you are close to everything that makes London spectacular. Be it a ride on the London Eye or watching a play at at the Shakespeare Theatre or even a boat ride on Thames river is a stress free task.

The ideal time for a holiday is somewhere between June and September. If you want to save more, renting a holiday accommodation a little out of town will be even better.

Letting Agent

To enjoy a holiday in London, just go to a letting website and book online and get the best prices. In short, every part of London has holiday rentals with incredible value for your money. So when you plan a holiday to London, be sure to contact a letting agent also or go online so that a holiday rental made waiting for you with a surprise.

Hotel vs Holiday Apartment

It is no miracle to say that you can take a chic apartment on the vibrant Fulham Road in Chelsea; or a beautiful Georgian building close to the Hampton Court Palace;  or a fully furnished space in Camden Town; or a luxurious penthouse overlooking Regents Park. But in all this  you will spend only less than a room in an expensive hotel.

Being in a holiday apartment also helps you to be centrally placed and get plenty of room for you and family to spread out and be comfortable. A fully equipped kitchen with pots and pans, fridge means cooking your own meals. The care you get at expensive hotels is equaled by serviced apartment which are stocked with all amenities as in your home.

Some locations for holiday apartments

•             Holland Park

•             Notting Hill

•             Chelsea Harbour

•             Brackenbury village

•             Shepherds Bush

Best Connectivity

A Holiday apartment in London also gets you the benefit of having the best transport links in your backyard. They may be tube stations, bus stops or a train to other parts of London or beyond. With a short let for your holiday you can make the most out of it.

In a serviced holiday apartment you can ensure maximum privacy and your family has everything needed to spread out and enjoy themselves without sparring over space. So go for one.

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  1. There already are do many big websites in U.K who rent direct serviced apartments to travelers like ,,,,, to name a few. i wonder why should anyone go for small time renting agencies and on top of that pay them the commision.

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