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Seven Dials Market Review: The Best Food Market in London

Kerb have done it again. Not content with creating fantastic food markets in Camden and Kings Cross, they’ve also opened, in my opinion, the best food market in London.

Seven Dials Market has it all. A wide range of cuisines and delectable eats, places to sit and enjoy your food (I’m looking at you Borough Market), a bookshop, a florist and live music. Oh, and a giant banana which everyone is Instagramming.

I’ve been making my way around Seven Dials Market, here are my favourite food so far. And check the Seven Dials website for the latest food on offer!

Yum Bun

As someone who’s grown up eating steamed buns, I was excited to try Yum Bun’s unique combinations.

I ordered the slow roasted pork belly (with cucumber, spring onion and hoi sin sauce) and japanese – style fried chicken (with pickles, mayo, lettuce and chilli) for £9.50.

Yum Bun

El Pollote

El Pollote offers award-winning fried chicken. I can confirm it’s delicious!

Both sweet and spicy, the guava glazed fried chicken creates a party in your mouth – and everyone’s invited. The yuca fries also deserve a special mention in their own right. They beat ordinary French fries hands down.

Truffle Burger

And here’s what I can’t wait to eat

The Cheese Bar

A conveyer belt of cheese?! Yes please!

BongBongs Manila Kanteen

Club Mexicana

Bad Boy Society Pizza


Curry On Naanstop


From The Ashes

Chai Guys

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