Cologne’s Cathedral, Love Lock Bridge & Koln Triangle: A Walk Of Surprises

I only went to Cologne’s Cathedral for the Christmas Market, but ended up spending a lot of time taking photos of it.

I’ve visited several cathedrals in Europe; St.Paul’s, Duomo, Berliner Dom, Basilica San Marco, Domkirche St. Stephan, Notre Dame.

And I’m always stunned by the architecture, the detail and wonder how they built these huge structures hundreds of years ago.

Inside, this stained glass window is one the most beautiful I’ve seen.

I also recommend climbing to the top of Cologne Cathedral for the views.

Another suprise as I walked to Koln Triangle an observation tower with great views over the Rhine and Cologne.

How many love locks are in this photo alone?

Multiple that by this photo…

Atlas Obscura estimate 40,000 love locks are on Cologne’s Hohenzollern Bridge (not sure how they got that figure, but I can confirm there were a lot of love locks).

You can see how tightly packed the love locks are.

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And Koln Triangle is worth visiting too. It only costs €5 for an adult ticket for panoramic views 339 ft up.