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Sunset Time Lapse of Tower Bridge and City Hall

I had an hour to kill before the Nai Harvest gig and luckily work near Tower Bridge.

Little did I know the 7.30-8.30pm period would provide the perfect time to try my first time lapse!

I purchased the Time-Lapse app for my Sony A5000 the night before and took me about ten minutes to work out the settings. I’m still getting to grips with the optimal settings for time lapses as there is a calculation (on no, maths).

Still, I’m ecstatic with the first results from my time lapse and I’m itching to try out more – watch this space!

I love the way the lights seem to shine brighter as the night sky falls in the background, particularly City Hall. Towards the end, the clouds seem to blow out. The movement of people racing looks great too. I wish I knew the settings! I would make it longer by decreasing time between shots.

Will need to remember my book next time…

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