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Complete Guide to Planning the Ultimate UK Road Trip

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, high inflation and the cost of living crisis, more Brits than ever are electing to holiday at home in what has been dubbed the ‘staycation boom’. However, with seemingly perpetual industrial action blighting the railways, the trains have been sidelined, with many holidaymakers deciding to hit the road instead. If you’re thinking of planning a road trip around Blighty and the UK, what factors do you need to take into account to ensure that your holiday is a hit?

– Plan your route – Whether you’re thinking of undertaking an action-packed adventure holiday, a cultured city tour or a fun-filled festive staycation,  it’s essential that you plan your route wisely before setting off – this is especially true if you’re planning to travel a long distance between countries as part of your road trip. Do your research and try to stick with routes that are less prone to congestion, and prepare a flexible schedule with plenty of room for delays and hiccups along the way. If you’ll be driving on potentially dangerous rural roads, ensure that you’re confident with the route beforehand – wherever possible, elect to go with the safest and most straightforward route, even if that does mean facing a little extra traffic on the roads.   

– Choose your car wisely – Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and that you’ve had any necessary repair works carried out by a professional before setting off. Remember that you’ll likely need a large boot and plenty of legroom and extra storage space for a road trip, especially if you’ll be taking a long drive with the family. If you feel that your personal car is not up to scratch for a road trip holiday and you’d like to reduce emissions on your trip, consider leasing an electric vehicle or hiring a hybrid car for the journey. 

– Deciding accommodation – In the same way that careful route planning can go a long way in helping you to save time and avoid stress and hazards, arranging your accommodation ahead of time is essential if you want to have a hassle-free holiday. While booking hotel rooms well in advance is likely to save you money, it will also help you to break up the trip into manageable sections – try to make bookings in well-placed locations along your chosen route.  

– What to pack – Packing for a road trip holiday may require a little more planning than your average airport run – as well as all of the essentials (food, medication, clothing, toiletries etc.), you may also need to pack things to keep the kids entertained on those long drives. It’s also worth packing an emergency kit just in case your vehicle is stranded on the roads – this should include essential items such as water, a first aid kit, a spare tyre and a torch. If everything goes according to plan, you won’t need to break out the emergency kit! 

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