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Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre Review: Devon’s Brilliant Indoor Funfair

Rainy day in Devon? Visit Dingles for a day of arcades and rides.

Transport yourself to simpler times before video consoles and smartphones. Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre will make you remember how enjoyable fun fairs can be.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been on a fairground ride since I was wee, but they seemed faster back in the day. We went on Moon Racer and a type of carousel and they went incredibly fast!

We also enjoyed the retro dodgems, ghost train, carousel and even the wacky mirrors. There are also hook fishing games, a shooting gallery, a coconut shy and old fashioned arcade games which use old coins.

While a single ticket costs £10 for adults and £8 for children, it makes more sense to buy a yearly saver ticket for £14 for adults and £12 for children. The saver ticket also comes with 10 tokens. Check the latest ticket prices and opening times.

Rides operate on a token basis (each token costs 50p each). You can convert today’s money into Dingle coins using the machines around for this. Each ride costs around 2/3 tokens.

There’s also a museum full of facts and history of fairground attractions.

Overall, Dingles is a really fun day out which is fairly unique in Devon. I can also recommend day trips to The Strangles Beach and Boscastle!

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