Fun Things To Do in Glasgow on a Rainy Day

For years I (a Glasgwegian) told everyone that Edinburgh was better than my home city (as much as it pained me to say).

What did Glasgow have to offer tourists? Sure, Edinburgh has larger museums and attractions, but it doesn’t mean Glasgow isn’t worth at least a day in your trip to Scotland.

Here is my list of the best fun things to do in Glasgow.


Where to play old video games in Glasgow

For a massive dose of nostalgia, transport yourself back to your childhood of playing some of the very best games consoles in history.

Everything from Goldeneye on the N64 to Duck Hunt on NES. You can also play the latest consoles including the Nintendo Switch if you prefer your graphics non-blocky.

R-Cade also have a range of board games you can play for free, a little cafe to help you power up for the second gaming session and some fun gaming posters of Scotland!

Fun Things To Do in Glasgow on a Rainy Day 16

Super Bario

Where to play retro arcade machines in Glasgow

For more retro gaming fun, Super Bario have some of the very best arcade machines including House of the Dead and Monkey Ball. Check out these original Japanese arcade machines which only take Yen (these are free to play so no need to convert your currency prior to your visit)!

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And you can play whoever loses buys the next round since Super Bario is a bar too.

Purrple Cat Cafe

Where to pet cats in Glasgow

I lost count of the number of cats I petted at Purrple Cat Cafe. The cats are super friendly and love chasing things.

We visited during their Harry Potter themed weekend with Harry Potter for and drink, so definitely look out for their themed events.

Escape room

Where to escape Glasgow…

Tired of Glasgow already? Escape it for an hour with an escape room. There are a ton of escape rooms to choose from in Glasgow. We went with Clue HQ in Kinning Park.

We tried to escape from the Bunker and were unsuccessful. I’ve played a few different escape rooms and it’s definitely challenging despite their low difficulty score on their website.


We found a great half price code for 6 people on Groupon (£40) so I definitely recommend checking for discounts.

Fore Play

Where to play mini golf in Glasgow

While we didn’t get a chance to play this mini golf course in Glasgow (I really need to check the opening times of places…), we liked the look of it from their Instagram.

Play your way around Scotland’s famous landmarks such as the Forth road bridge and even the statue with the cone!

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