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Edinburgh Fringe Festival: First Timer’s Guide & Tips

Bored in Glasgow, I decided to hop on a train to Edinburgh with no plan… Here are my tips for your first time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Do you have to pre-book tickets for Edinburgh Fringe Festival?

For well known comedians and shows, yes definitely! I missed out seeing comedians like David O’Doherty and Jason Byrne. But there’s so much to see, it’s not the end of the world. It certainly wasn’t for me.

Where do you buy tickets?

Shows take place all over Edinburgh, far and wide, so there are several kiosks with helpful boards of what’s on that day and the next few hours. I also booked tickets online and picked them up from the kiosk too.

Check out the Virgin Half Price Hut at Mound Precinct (next to the Scottish National Gallery) where, you guessed it, can buy half price tickets for that day.

How do you pick what shows to see?

That’s a tough one. I leafed through the brochure and scrolled the website endlessly. But I wasted so much time. I ended up just going to the nearest kiosk, see what was coming up and quickly looked up the description of the shows. I saw two fantastic shows (Kill the Beast and Dreamgun) out of three.

Not bad considering how unorganised I was!

Alternatively you can see what Lyn Gardner is recommending.

I can recommend Boar, Badass Be Thy Name (review), Dreamgun and John Luke Roberts who I’ve seen previous or preview shows.

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All accommodation in Edinburgh is fully booked! Where can I stay?

You can actually take a late train to Glasgow (which many, many people did). I was very lucky to get a seat and not have to stand for an hour. Although a drunk guy kept falling asleep on my shoulder…).

What’s the food situation like?

Great. Just great. Not only are there a ton of great independent cafes and restaurants, but there are just as many food trucks and stalls dotted around the city catering for all tastes, dietary needs and fussy eaters. You won’t go hungry.

Is Edinburgh walkable?

It is. And it’s nice to stretch your legs after sitting watching a show. You might find yourself running from venue to venue if you don’t leave enough time though. I recommend downloading am offline version of Google maps so you can calculate walking distance.

What are your first time Edinburgh Fringe Festival Tips? Tell me in the comments section below! And check out what art I recommend in London!


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