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Copenhagen Street Food Festival Review | Best Street Food In Copenhagen

If you’re a foodie, you must visit Copenhagen Street Food Festival on Paper Island.

I love London’s food festivals and markets.

So it was to my delight I found Copenhagen had one of their own! Located on Paper Island in Christianshavn, Copenhagen has transformed an empty warehouse (in a past life it used to be a paper warehouse, hence the name of the island) into a foodies’ heaven.

Papireon Paper Island Copenhagen Street Food Festival review

Similar to the London Street Feast Festival (review), the indoor venue is packed with a variety of food and drink vendors.

Serving food from around the world, Copenhagen Street Food Festival is ideal for a group of people who can’t decide on one restaurant. The street food vendors are on a constant rotation as too are the dishes, depending on what they can get at the food market. Not only is there food on offer, but bars serving alcohol and coffee too.

For dinner, I had a gluten free egg based crepe which cost DDK 75. Created exactly the same way a crepe is by pouring the mixture onto a circular hot plate, like a rolled up omelette. It was stuffed with braised organic pork, spinach, cabbage, radishes, pickled peppers, fresh herbs and yoghurt tahini dressing. Delicious.

Egg Crepe Copenhagen Street Food Festival review

Copenhagen Street Food Festival review

Dessert came in the shape of a rich and smooth chocolate mousse (DDK 35).

Chocolate Mousse Copenhagen Street Food Festival review

And finally, I had a caramel coffee from Silver Streak Coffee Club which was just a little too sweet for me after the indulgent chocolate mousse.

Silver Streak Coffee Club Copenhagen Street Food Festival review

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I also recommend Copper and Wheat who I tried at Travel Supermarkets International Street Food Challenge but can be found at the Copenhagen Street Food Festival. Their croque monsieur with duck fat french fries was by far my favourite food at the challenge.

Croque Monsieur and duck fat french fries

While there is seating inside, you can enjoy a great view outside along the canal (Brighton-esque seaside deckchairs provided).

Paper Island Papireon from boat

Check on the Copenhagen Street Food website for the latest opening hours, but they tend to be from lunch (12pm) to late night (10pm), making it a great place to eat at the end of a busy day walking around Copenhagen.

How to get to Copenhagen Street Food Festival

Copenhagen Street Food Festival sign

The venue is slightly tucked away in Christianshavn, but you can take the 9A bus which leaves you a five minute walk. There’s also Christianshavn Metro station which is about a 15 minute walk.

It’s also next to the Experimentarium City (took my 5 attempts to spell this even when looking at the photo below) which is Denmark’s first science centre. I didn’t go but sounds like a fun thing to do for families.

Experiumentarium City Paper Island

Have you been to Copenhagen Street Food Festival? Where do you recommend eating in Copenhagen? Tell me in the comments section below!

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