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Healthy & Easy Sausage Sandwich | Summer Breakfast Crunch

A really simple and cheap but delicious breakfast, this recipe is perfect for lazy weekend mornings that is also light on the washing up too!

Add a bit of character to your mundane sausage sandwich with a bit of crunch and sweetness that has a touch of summer to it.

  • Sausages packed with flavour (I’ve used Lincolnshire sausages, two packs of eight sausages for £3.50, Tesco)
  • Romaine lettuce hearts (£1 for two stalks, Tesco)
  • Scottish morning rolls (Six for 3p, Tesco)
  • Butter
  • Salad cream (low fat)

There are a few reasons as to why I prefer to cook sausages in the oven compared to frying them. The main advantage is you don’t have to use oil meaning they are slightly healthier – you can also avoid smelling like a greasy spoon cafe too! I’ve also found cooking sausages in the oven gives them an even cook all over without constantly turning every few minutes. If like me you happen to burn sausages in the frying pan while you prepare something else you’ll know what I mean! I cooked them on a baking tray for 15 minutes at 180°. I also added onions which didn’t really work – I may splash a little oil on them next time.

Lincolnshire Sausages and Onion

Lincolnshire Sausages and Onion

While the sausages cook, generously butter the scottish morning rolls and wash and tear the romaine lettuce hearts. I’ve chosen scottish morning rolls as the flour on the top just adds a little more texture on the roof of your mouth – they also just just look a little prettier than using sliced bread. I bought a pack of six which were marked for clearance (best before the next day) reduced from 60p to 3p!

I’ve chosen romaine lettuce because it has a wonderful crunch to it and packs more flavour than round lettuce. Romaine lettuce has a number of health benefits too being high in vitamin K and A. Adding crunch makes this breakfast a little more healthier and makes me think of summer. Add the sweetness of salad cream to compliment the lettuce and herbs from the sausage and breakfast is a little brighter! Slice the sausage lengthways once cooked and you’re done!

Sausages, scotch morning roll, romaine lettuce hearts

Sausages, scotch morning roll, romaine lettuce hearts

With little preparation, 15 minutes of cooking time and only a baking tray to wash, quick and simple breakfasts don’t come any better than this!

How would you improve this breakfast? Tell me in the comments section below!

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