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Hummus Bros Review | Best Hummus in London

Is it just me or is it difficult to eat healthily in London?

With all of the amazing burger and pizza joints you can choose from, so why settle on something that’s actually good for you? Luckily, Hummus Bros is both healthy and delicious.

Chicken Guacomole, pitta bread and aloe vera juice

Chicken Guacomole, pitta bread and aloe vera juice

I didn’t realise hummus had a number of health benefits. And you might not think it, but a large bowl of hummus and two pitta bread does fill you up.

Chicken Guacamole

Pretty huh?

I had the chicken guacamole which I wiped the bowl clean. There was a lovely crunch from the fresh avocado, red peppers and onions which contrasted with the smooth hummus while the corriander gave the whole thing a zing.

But good hummus is nothing without good bread. The fluffy pitta bread, served warm, didn’t disappoint. Oh, and watch out for the little pot of chilli! Wow the heat!

I also had a glass of the unique Aloe Vera juice which I thoroughly recommend. It tastes like flowers, but in a good way. Drinking aloe vera juice seems to have lots of benefits too.

A relaxed atmosphere, it’s probably best enjoyed ordering many bowls of hummus and sharing (no double dipping of course).

Thoughts on hummus? Have you tried Hummus Bros? Tell me in the comments section below!


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