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A Scoop of Italy… in Soho | Snowflake Gelato Review

One of my favourite things about Rome is that every fifth shop on a street seems to sell gelato.

I consumed a copious amount of the cold stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner in four memorable days. The feeling of eating gelato on a hot summers day when there’s not a cloud in the sky… utter bliss.

London has a gelato deficiency. And no, gelato and ice cream are not the same thing. Even though gelato is Italian for ice cream, gelato contains less fat than ice cream, it’s churned at a slower speed which decreases the amount of air and it’s served at a slightly warmer temperature. All of this creates that soft, whippy and light texture we all love.

Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato

So I was over the moon to find Snowflake Gelato, servers of luxury gelato, on Wardour Street. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts of food in London then you’ll know I struggle to make choices when presented with many. So many in fact I didn’t have any more fingers and toes left to use – Snowflake Gelato don’t make it easy.

Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato

The long list of flavours include…

Almond, Amarena, Amaretto, Banana, Biscotto, Caramel, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coconut, Coffee ,Crème brulée, Cuoricino, Date and Honey, Fior di Latte, Hazelnut, Honeycomb Crunch, (takes breathe) Mint and Chocolate, Peach, Pistachio, Praline, Sea Salted Caramel, Snowflake, Stem Ginger, Stracciatella, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry, Vanilla and White Chocolate.

Phew! After what seemed like an hour of carefully choosing my flavour (I would have been happy with any of them in all honesty) I settled on Cuoricino, made with real hazelnuts and chocolate. Wow, just wow.

Cuoricino - Snowflake Gelato

Cuoricino – Snowflake Gelato

Perfect for anyone who loves Ferrero Roches as much as I do, Cuoricino packs a sweet punch with crunch. But it was the texture of the gelato that stole the show. It’s smoothness can be felt as it coats your tongue before melting – you won’t find any ice crystals here.

As well as the gelato being handmade in-store and suitable for vegetarians, they’re also made with natural ingredients like seasonal fresh fruits, organic Jersey milk and cream.

If you’re looking for a guilt-free treat, you’re in luck. Snowflake Gelato’s Sorbetto and Guilt-Free range are fat, dairy and gluten free! The former is suitable for vegans too!

Some other cool things they offer are Snowdrifts (sundaes), Snowshakes (milkshakes) and Snowfloats (crushed ice drink) all featuring their delicious gelato or sorbetto.

Aaaaaaaand if that wasn’t enough, they also do waffles and crepes, hot drinks, smoothies and granitas.

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With this much choice, there’s no real reason not to visit Snowflake Gelato! Visit them on Wardour Street in Soho or Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill.


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