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I Went To Disneyland Paris And Was Surprised By Their Covid & Mask Policy

Find out about Disneyland Paris’ Covid rules and mask policy around the parks and hotels.

Disneyland Paris is, of course, busy during the Christmas period. And it’s easy to see why.

The most popular rides still has an hour wait time and the parade drew a crowd at night as expected.

So I was worried about catching covid during our five day stay. But I couldn’t have felt safer.

Santa Fe Hotel & Wrist Bands

It started at the Santa Fe Hotel. We had to show our Covid vaccination status via France’s AntiCovid app to enter reception. Once we proved our status at the door, we received a coloured wrist band.

The colour changes every day, so you need to prove your status every morning. The wrist band also gains you access to the Disney Village and Parks.

We also had to show our Covid vaccination status and scan the check-in QR code at every restaurant and bar we visited too. This allowed us to be notified should we come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid.

Hand Sanitiser

There is hand sanitiser everywhere around the park you’ll be pleased to know. Every ride, restaurant and toilet. In fact, every ride queue has hand sanitiser at the beginning, middle and end.

We visited the parks every day and rode 30+ rides. There were only two times when the hand sanitiser was empty.

Face Masks

Unlike the UK, wearing face masks is enforced by all staff. We saw multiple instances where staff had to tell visitors to put face masks on, even over their nose. This included outdoors as well as indoors.

For visitors who decided to take off their mask off for photo opportunities on rides, staff would photoshop on masks to discourage this for future rides.

One more surprising thing is that there were no Disney themed masks on sale in the shops. The shops only stock regular blue disposable masks. I was looking forward to buying one!

Does Disneyland Paris’ Covid policies dampen the fun? Not at all! We still had a brilliant time. I’m so glad Disneyland Paris have these measures in place. Of course, our pictures would look better without masks, but it’s a small price to pay to keep everyone safe. We both tested negative when we arrived back in the UK so the Covid measures definitely work.

Check the Disneyland Paris page for their latest rules and policy.