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Liquid Cheese | Red Cow Carvery Review, Greenwich Market

My general rule of thumb at a food market is never to settle for the first stall you see – peruse all that is on offer. But when the stall has two giant blocks of cheese on display this rule goes out of the window.

At Greenwhich Market you’ll find Red Cow Carvery, serving rustic and hearty British favourites.

Just from the name, you can tell meat is their speciality. Huge chunks of meat simmer in their own juices at one side of the stall while Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes covered in herbs are gently kept warm on the other side.

And in the middle you have those glorious blocks of cheese sitting on what I describe as a plinth – like the winner at the Olympics, something to be celebrated.

Oh but it gets better.

Above the blocks of cheese is a grill/blowtorch/the most glorious kitchen invention I’ve ever laid eyes on. Within a second, the cheese started to melt into some sort of liquidy goodness that was scraped off the block using a knife, yet it poured like a liquid.

I must have stared intensely every time this phenomena happened – the traders must have thought I was weird with my crazy eyes and all!

Steak Sandwich - Red Cow Carvery, Greenwich Market
Steak Sandwich – Red Cow Carvery, Greenwich Market

Anyway, enough of me and my fascination with the cheese all ready and back to the food.

I ordered a steak sandwich which continued to disintegrate the bun with its juices the longer you kept it from its inevitable destination – your mouth. It had a wonderful chargrilled look and taste to it yet managed to remain medium inside.

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And the cheddar cheese (sorry to go back to it again)! It had melted so much I had trouble pulling the top of the bun away without tearing it, making a hole!

Now slightly solidified and resembling normal melted cheese, the liquidy gooey texture returned when broken into.

With change from a fiver at £4.90, the steak sandwich at Red Cow Carvery is great value for money.

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