Best Ice Cream in Soho and Covent Garden

If you’re looking to celebrate the summer with an ice cream crawl (yep, like a pub crawl but with ice cream), there’s no better place to do it in London than Soho and Covent Garden.

Not only are there a ton of ice cream shops within a short walk of each other, they’re also delicious and unique from each other. These are on the opposite spectrum from a vanilla ice cream cone.

Here are the best ice creams in Soho

Mamasons Dirty ice cream

If you’ve been having ice cream solo, you’ve been doing it wrong. Pastry is ice creams best friend don’t ya know?

You’ll agree with me when you try the bilog, a traditional Filipino dessert of a toasted milk bun (pandesal) with ice cream inside.

The ice cream is pretty unique itself too, including ube (native filipino purple yam), queso (sweet and salty cheese sorbeto) and black buko (coconut ice cream combined with activated charcoal)

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For more fun with ice cream, Yorica should be your next visit.

Toppings include gummy bears, marshmallows and jammy dodgers. And there’s not one but four self serve sprinkle machines!

What makes Yorica different? All their products are free from all 14 major allergens, are all without an animal product in sight, so everyone can enjoy them (vegans looking for ice cream in London rejoice!).

The only animals they Yorica use are gummy bears.

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Chin Chin Labs

Toasted marshmallows aren’t just for camp fires. They make great toppings for ice cream cones too.

Chin Chin Labs serve their ice creams in red water cones covered in marshmallow. If you look up Instagramable in the dictionary, you’ll see this pic.

The marshmallow goes all the way down into the cone… Complete with valrhona chocolate 80% ice cream


If you love ice cream sandwiches as much as George Bluth, Soho has an ice cream sandwich in the colourful package between two marcarons. You’ve got to be Yolkin me!

Unique flavours range from red velvet to HK milk tea.


Incredibly hot day in London? Cool down with bingsu.

What’s bingsu? It’s a popular Korean shaved ice dessert. Luckily, you don’t have to travel all the way to Korea for one. Gaza cafe in Soho top there’s with a scoop of ice cream and fun toppings, like macarons…


Amorino’s ice cream roses should be displayed in an art gallery. I mean everybody would be slipping all over the place because it would melt, but you get my point…

Anywho… The roses are works of art. It’s mesmerising watching the talented ice cream artists (my favourite type of artist) carefully sculpt every petal.

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Best Ice Cream in Soho and Covent Garden

Cutter and Squidge

You’ll erupt with excitement when you see Cutter and Squidge’s Volcano ice cream.


This is maybe the king of desserts? Why choose between having a brownie, vegan marshmallow or vanilla soft serve ice cream, when you can have all three.


For a taste of Italy, there’s Gelupo. They have some really unique and interesting flavour combinations including bonet (dark chocolate, rum, caramel, amaretti, espresso and egg yolk), blood orange and cannoli (ricotta, pistachio, candied fruit, stracciatella, marzipan, cannoli pastry).


Love matcha? It’s super good for you. Does that mean matcha ice cream is good for you?

I’d make a good lawyer with my reasoning skills, I know.

Tombo is a matcha bar serving all kind of matcha desserts, including the tokio sundae featuring soft serve, mini mochi (shiratama), monaka, azuki, matcha brownie, granola and date syrup.

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Cleanse your palette (or if you’re looking for something a little lighter than ice cream or vegan friendly) with Lick’s range of sorbets. I especially love their watermelon sorbet which I haven’t seen many places offer.

Here are the best ice creams in Covent Garden

Yaki Yaki

Continuing my love affair of ice cream and pastry, I recommend Yaki Yaki and their fish shaped ice cream holders (cones are sooooo yesterday).

Not only are they instagram friendly, the toppings are fun too, with poki sticks, fruit kebab, popcorn, Oreos, chocolate rings, sprinkles, popping candy torched meringue, jelly babies and ube wafers.


Udderlicious are the mad scientists of the world.

Chocolate and marmite? Bourbon carrot cake? Builder’s tea and digestive?!?! Udderlicious let’s customers vote every month with flavours they should stock. Democracy at its best.

You can also suggest a flavour for the month. Irn bru ice cream anyone?!

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Chandler from Friends: WAHPAH!

Have your (cheese)cake and eat it.

Okay, I’m cheating here slightly. This is cheesecake but not as you know it. Frozen soft serve cheesecake with a variety of toppings to choose from (you can even build your own cheesecake).

I had the red velvet, which came with chunks of cheesecake.

Morelli’s Gelato

Morelli’s Gelato have been making fresh gelato since 1907, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about creating smooth, delicious flavours.

Morelli’s first shop was in Broadstairs, along the South East coast. Luckily you don’t have to go all the way there to eat their gelato, just Covent Garden! Although I probably would travel all that way for their dulce de leche gelato!


Whoever thought of a waffle that you can eat on the go deserves a Nobel Prize. It’s a scientific marvel.

Soft bubbles that you can tear of whilst still remaining structurally integral with your ice cream?

The origin story of the humble egg waffle begins in 1950’s Hong Kong. Fast forward to Bubblewrap who are creating concoctions like the Kit Kat waffle.


Gelatorino have a shop in Monaco, so you know their gelato is faaaaaaaancy.

Incredibly soft, smooth and silky, this New York Cheesecake (cheese, cake?) is pretty unique.

Prime Gelato

For choice, I think it’s hard to beat Prime Gelato’s selection.

With 27 sorbets and ice creams to choose from, Prime Gelato is perfect when your group all want something different and can’t settle on one ice cream shop,

I tried all 27 in one night (best night of my life). I know, it’s tough being a good blogger, but someone’s got to do it.

Milk Train

“People round the world, join hands, come with me to Milk Train, Milk Train”.

Looking for a sugar high? Milk Train serve their ice cream on a bed of candy floss. There’s plenty so you can sleep of the candy floss after you’re sugar high wears off.

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If you’re still craving ice cream (you’re my hero), you can find more by walking (or taking a short tube ride) a little further in central London. Here are a few of my ice cream recommendations that are worth venturing outside Soho for.


Fellow chocolate lovers (*secret chocolate lovers handshake), I urge you to stop what you’re doing and go to Milkman for their.

Yes that flower is edible. I asked so you don’t have to.

Ruby Violet

I think Ruby Violet’s is the cutest ice cream shop in London. It’s a lovely place to relax from the heat (and stops your ice cream from melting as fast too).

And ice cream can be a winter sport too, with their handwarmer sundae. Here are 10 reasons to visit Ruby Violet (review).

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