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Insta-damn! See 10 Best Milkshakes & Freakshakes In London

Milk was a bad choice. Ron Burgundy should have had one of the best milkshakes and freakshakes in London!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

I have Kelis running through my head every time I order a milkshake. Still, I remain undeterred such is my love for these flavoured milk concoctions.

I was pretty addicted to Nesquik as a kid (both chocolate and strawberry), but they don’t even come close to London’s best milkshakes. Here is my list of the very best places and restaurants serving milkshakes in central London and beyond.

Here are the best freakshakes and milkshakes in London.

Matcha Freakshake – Soft Serve Society


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Matcha is healthy…

So the Matcha freakshake at Soft Serve Society is healthy, right?

Right guys?!


The Oreo Cookie Freakshake consists of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, Oreo biscuits and a whole homemade Oreo cookie sandwich.

You’re drooling mate.

Ube Milkshake – Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream


Not content with having one of the best desserts in London, Mamasons has created a milkshake you’re unlikely to fine anywhere else in the city. Don’t fill up, I can totally recommend having a bilog while you’re there too.

All of the Flavours – Miki’s Paradise


I struggled to pick just one freakshake from their menu. Just look at them.

All your favourite chocolate bars are here from Aero to Kit Kat to Twix. What will you choose?

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Churros and Cotton and Candy Milkshake – The Knot Churros

Try not to think of the sugar intake with this milkshake from the Knot Churros.

Not one but two loops of churros and mermaid candy floss accompany your milkshake.

Peanut Butter Freakshake – L’Opera Restaurant


Looking like a science experiment gone right, this peanut butter freakshake looks like it’s escaping from its beaker.

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Nutella Shake – Band of Burgers


Nutella is the best chocolate. Hands down. No arguments. Don’t @ me.

Not only do Band of Burgers have awesome burgers, but they have awesome milkshakes to wash them down with.

Biscoff Milkshake – Amigo Burgers and Shakes


With more than 20 milkshake flavours to choose from, Amigo Burgers is the place to go if you’re looking for a wide range to choose from.


Vegans and gluten free people rejoice! Cookies and Scream have a milkshake just for you. And a ball of cookie dough with your name on it.

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Candyfloss Milkshake – Milk Train


If you need that sugar fix/rush/coma, the people at Milk Train have brought their trademark candyfloss from their ice cream to the milkshake scene!

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Where are your favourite places for freakshakes and milkshakes? Tell me in the comments section below!

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