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How To Travel Like A Local In The UK

Once upon a time, we were all rushing around our vacation destinations trying to tick off bucket lists of famous attractions.

Of course, this still happens, and this is what a lot of people will always live for. At the same time, another group has emerged; a group who pay special attention to the local element of a vacation, and try to tap into all of the local activities that residents tend to engage in.

Well, as the title may have given away if you are visiting the UK, today’s post is just for you. Let’s now look at some of the things you can do if you are considering a break in the UK, and want to live like a local.

Don’t place all of your attention on London

It’s a city with some of the best attractions in the world, but in terms of living like a local London can be a difficult one to master. While there are of course millions of people who live there, it’s difficult to filter through this when you are also one of the millions of tourists.

As such, don’t be afraid to target other cities. For example, this guide on Aberdeen highlights some of the lesser-known attractions in this city, while it’s also easier to go off on the beaten track in other non-London locations. It’s in these places that you will find it much easier to snap out of tourist mode, and really immerse yourself into what regular UK life actually looks like.

Forget taxis

When you are in vacation-mode, one of the easiest things is to go completely lazy and grab a taxi for every trip that you venture on.

Well, try and put an end to such practice. This is the easiest way to skip over the hidden gems of a city, and if you opt to walk or get public transport between destinations, you’ll find that your eyes are much more open. Stop at anything you see interesting; it doesn’t have to be tourist-led.

Turn to the markets

borough market photo Photo by gateC21

Sure, there are some markets around the country which have been designed for tourism, but on the whole UK markets are a very local affair. It’s here where you will meet the true traders of the UK streets, and also pick up some intriguing items as well.

Of course, markets in the UK don’t tend to be quite as bargain-friendly as equivalents around the world, but for the purposes of finding out more about local life, this beats any afternoon in Oxford Street, hands-down.

Get lost – and leave TripAdvisor at home

Hopefully, you get the meaning of what we mean with this final point. While the travel review sites serve a very good purpose, they tend to cater to “true” tourists. As you have stumbled across this article, we’re going to assume you don’t fall into that category – so leave such apps at home. Instead, wander around, get lost, and try and find five-star attractions of your own.

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