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Budget Malta Weekend Trip: What to do

The European island nation of Malta may be small, but it is one of the best places to travel when you are on a low budget. Malta is home to three World Heritage sites with a beautiful coastline.

The rich culture and warm climate of the destination makes traveling a pleasant experience. Unlike other expensive European countries, travelers do not have to spend a fortune on flight tickets and accommodation.

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Accommodation in Malta

Once you arrive at Malta, there are several accommodation options, which range from resorts to couch surfing. You can go for the luxurious resorts for a memorable holiday experience. However, various hotels, motels and guesthouses are just as comfortable as a lavish resort.

There are plenty of hotels, such as the Radisson Blu (with nightly rates starting from $244). If you want to choose a less expensive alternative, there are other vacation rental sites, such as Homeaway, which features small villas for around $76 per night.

Transport in Malta

Transportation is also easy to access and is available at a low fare. Although taxis can be a bit expensive in Malta, you can also rent jeeps, cars and bikes if you don’t find walking around the island an option.

If you are intimidated by the blinding and winding curves of the Maltese roads, you can also benefit from the public bus system that efficiently works throughout Malta. These buses will take you all over Gozo and Malta and run at fixed and regular intervals.

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Generally, weekly bus passes in Malta cost just around $17 so you can skip the rental car. The bus Malta also takes all tourists to the ferry terminal where they can catch a boat to Gozo. Both Malta and Gozo can be explored on foot or by public transport.   

The Beach in Malta

The most entertaining highlight of your trip to Malta is of course, the beach. Paradise Bay, located at the northern end of the island, is famous for snorkeling and the golden Bay is famous for diving in Malta.  This is a reason why travelers who want to plan an affordable yet thrilling trip head to Malta.  

The Magnificent Valletta

Valletta, the Maltese capital, attracts travelers to explore the historic Baroque buildings in the city.

Francesco Laparelli designed the city, which is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Initially, the plan for the city involved an entrance featuring an opera house, while the layout would be rectangular.

However, the Royal Opera House was demolished during the Second World War.

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However, Valletta is anything from a city of ruins. There are several major highlights, which include the St. John’s Co-Cathedral, a Rococo palace, the National Museum of Fine Arts and various other sites that are worth every penny.

The Maltese Carnival

Grand Master Piero de Ponte initiated the carnival way back in 1535 and it is now celebrated in every February.

A major part of the carnival celebrations takes place in and around the capital city Valletta and Floriana. You can indulge in the local festivities without spending a dime, although a few of these may have a small fee.

Don’t forget to enjoy the masked revelers, late-night festivities, and marching bands when you are in Malta.

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