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Ribersborg Open-Air Bath, Malmo: A Day Trip from Copenhagen

I only went to Malmö to watch a football game for my birthday. The train from Copenhagen to Malmö is only 30 minutes across the water.

Malmö seems like a sleepy town. I loved Copenhagen, but it was nice to visit somewhere quieter for a day. That’s when I discovered Malmö’s open-air bath.

This beautiful lime green pier looked like something from a Wes Anderson movie.

open air baths, Malmö

I wasn’t really sure what was inside. I discovered a lovely restaurant with a deck outside. I ordered a local fish dish and sat outside.


I realised I didn’t have any cutlery so I went back inside. Then a man brought my plate inside.

Confused, I asked what he was doing. Apparently a seagull was attacking my plate! I think the people of Malmö must be the nicest people on earth.

Ribersborg isn’t just a restaurant. It’s main function is actually a sauna. They also offer massages, sea baths and wood fired hot tubs! If you’re at Ribersborg during winter, they recommend having an ice cold swim in the sea which has a number of health benefits including endorphins which helps aliviate depression and joint problems.

Along the beach, I was struck by this twisting structure. Turning Torso is actually the tallest building in Sweden and a residential skyscraper.

Turning Torso, Malmö
Turning Torso, Malmö beach
Turning Torso, Malmö swimming ring
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