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Most popular sea tours in Croatia

Croatia is famous for its numerous islands and amazing beaches, so it’s no wonder more and more tourists come to its coast every single year. Enjoying the Adriatic Sea here really is a special experience, and a very important part of that experience is going on various sea tours.

These day trips take you to some of the most beautiful places on the whole Mediterranean, and there are quite a few of them to choose from, so it may be a challenge to pick the right one. Fortunately, the guys over at Sea Tours Croatia have a few awesome suggestions.   

Blue Cave on Biševo

The amazing Blue Cave on the small islet of Biševo near Vis is an incredible feat of nature. If you come and see it at the right time of the day, you will be immersed in quite a magical blue color as the objects and animals in the water start to shimmer and look like they are made of silver. It really feels like you’re in a completely different world, so if you find yourself on Vis or some of the nearby islands, a trip to this amazing cave is a must.

Karaka cruise in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is famous all over the world for its city walls and perfectly preserved old town, but it also has an incredible nautical heritage. If you would like to experience what it was like to sail in a ship constructed here in the 16th century, you absolutely must go on a karaka cruise. Karaka is actually the name for this particular type of ship, and you will board a perfect replica of one of these beauties and have a wonderful time sailing and enjoying the coast around this glorious city.

Sunset sailing in Šibenik

Looking for something romantic you and your significant other can enjoy together? Imagine hopping on a boat and watching a fantastic sunset together with a glass of wine in hand and then sailing back to shore under the cover of stars. Sounds amazing, right? You can set this incredible ride in Šibenik very easily and create memories you and your loved ones will treasure for the rest of your lives. Mesmerizing! 

A trip to Mljet

Mljet is a wonderful island in southern Croatia, but what makes it really special is the fact that there is an incredible national park on it, too. You will find two saltwater lakes there, and the bigger one has a small island right in the middle of it. But that’s just the start of the sights you can see there because the area has a rich cultural heritage on top of amazing nature. Best of all, the island can be reached fairly easily from a number of popular tourist destinations in this part of the country.

Kayaking adventure from Hvar

Hvar was declared the best island in Europe for 2019 by the illustrious Conde Nast Traveler magazine, so visiting it is a great idea if you’re planning your summer vacation. And if you like an active vacation, you’re in luck – Pakleni Islands, the small archipelago just of the coast of Hvar, can be reached in a kayak! It really is something special as you hop from one islet to another and enjoy their wonderful beaches. It’s an adventure you won’t forget! 

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