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Jurassic Coast in One Day: Durdle Door, Weymouth & West Bay

A nine hour return day trip from London to the Jurassic Coast, photographing Durdle Door, Weymouth and West Bay.

Durdle Door

Genuinely jaw dropping beauty.


I’m talking about the view guys! Yeesh! (btw I love my Sony A5000 and it’s flippable screen – see previous failed selfie attempts)

Seriously, I only thought you saw that kind of aqua blue water on holiday abroad.

But I had driven down to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset for the day. First stop, Durdle Door.

The walk down to the beach just got better and better as I followed the path.

How was Durdle door formed? Over time, the waves eroded certain types of rock, naturally creating the arc. Pretty incredible huh?!

I could have stayed at Durdle Door for the whole day. I was on a beach and the sun was shinning. But I had other places to be. Next stop, Weymouth.

N.B To get to Durdle Door by car, use postcode BH20 5RY for the Sat Nav. It’ll take you through a caravan park and eventually to a car park overlooking Durdle Door.


Did you know Weymouth was twinned with Copenhagen?


It’s not really, but it really does remind me a lot of Nyhavn in Copenhagen with it’s colourful building and canal.

A lot of the boats are still in operation too. I saw plenty of fisherman packing up for the night (probably early to enjoy the gorgeous weather!)

By the way, the Jurassic Skyline tower is not worth the £7-9. You don’t really get a great view of anything (the glass kept reflecting back at me too, useless for photos!) and the whole thing felt really short. Interesting information about the history of Weymouth, but the London Eye is £10 so in comparison…

I enjoyed a massive fish and chips (as you do when you’re at the seaside) from The Old Harbour Fish and Chips which I can recommend. There is a bed of chips below that massive fish, you’ll need to trust me on this! It’s only a slight walk away from the coast. And still cheaper than fish and chips in London – how?!


I also walked along the marina admiring the boats. I peered into the window of the yacht estate agents. £20,000 for a yacht. £250,000 for a tiny 1 bed flat in zone 3 of London. Hmmm… Tempted. I could just rock up on the Thames, right?! Best. Commute. Ever.


And I already found one with the perfect name too – FREEEEEEEDOM!


West Bay

I’ve been looking to visit the Jurassic Coast (West Bay in particular) ever since watching Broadchurch (great TV series if you haven’t watched it). This was the real reason for the four hour drive from London… Durdle Door and Weymouth were just a diversion. I’m so glad I did divert to both though.

The iconic West Bay cliffs are huge. I should know, I walked up the bloody thing! Here is the view from the top.


It reminded me a lot of my trip to Beachy Head and Birling Gap. Nature’s pretty incredible.

This cafe/restaurant was closed when I arrived unfortunately, but I do love a good bit of typography. Next time!


And before I knew it, it was time for the four hour drive back.

But anyone thinking of driving to the Jurassic Coast (whether it be West Bay, Weymouth or Durdle Door) I hope these photos help sway you in your decision – I certainly have no regrets.

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