A Day a Trip to Hastings, Kent: Pirate Day, Hastings Castle & Beach

Hastings is definitely worth a visit. Just mind the pirates.


Everyone else sees what I see, right?!

Pirates. Everywhere. Casually walking around the streets of Hastings. No one else freaking out?

Shiver me timbers!

This was my first time visiting Hastings. Was this a regular occurrence? Wouldn’t that be great if half the population of Hastings dressed up/were actual pirates.

It was Pirate Day (obviously) and not wanting to stick out, I joined in (obviously).

That’s Halloweens costume sorted then!

I thought about buying an eye patch too, but didn’t want to go overboard (I promised myself I’d only make one pirate pun), you know?

It was also baking hot and the hat actually shielded my head (does having black hair make it that much hotter?).

I didn’t actually know Pirate Day was on. I was thinking of going to Margate but the weather looked a little iffy, but Hastings had a slightly better looking forecast for the day.

Hastings Beach

My favourite thing to photograph in Hastings were the boats on the beach.

It was super difficult trying to align the stairs for this one…

Is it good luck to throw coins on the platform? Maybe I should have tried…

If you’ve read the blog before, you might know I love taking photos of love locks like those in Paris and London. I’m a little surprised it was only erected in 2012 considering the rust on some locks.

The baby dummies are a bit weird.

I also made the ‘hike’ (hike for me cause I’m so unfit) to Hastings Castle, but the views are pretty spectacular and was definitely worth it.

Hastings Castle

There isn’t much left of Hastings Castle, but the video about its history was pretty interesting.

If you visit Hastings Castle, you can eat with a balcony view over the town at the nearby cafe on the hill.

Fish and chips are standard of course when you go to the seaside, but where else do you get a view like this?

I also had a delicious fishermans roll. It was more than good.

I definitely recommend a wander around Hastings’ boutiques and antique shops. I loved this shop called Flush.

And this gift shop called Shop House.

Biggest tree mug ever.

I made a trip into the Jerwood Gallery too. Love this Picasso quote.

I’ve decided I’m going to take more day trips from London to take photos of coastal towns,cities and more. So far I’ve visited Brighton, Eastbourne and Beachyhead, Durdle Door, Weymouth and Broadchurch and Stowe House. Where should I go next? Tell me in the comments section below.

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