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Brighton Pier, West Pier & A Viewfinder | Photos of Brighton Seaside

I love viewfinders. Let me explain.

I’m always looking to layer shots with interesting objects in the foreground and viewfinders are perfect for this.

I’ve previously managed this at Lake Como in Italy and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Lake Como

Lake Como

Champ de Mars from the Eiffel Tower

Champ de Mars from the Eiffel Tower

I had tried to recreate this on past visits to Brighton Pier, aiming the viewfinder to look out to what remains of the West Pier, but the viewfinder just didn’t want to stay in place, continually tilting towards the sky! But I finally found a viewfinder that did want to cooperate. I’m glad it did.

Viewfinder on Brighton Pier looking out to the West Pier and beach

Thanks for playing along viewfinder!

I love the vivid colour of the sea. I focused on the West Pier so the writing and telescope part of the viewfinder was out of focus. You can just about see how busy the beach was on this scorching day, even if the cloudy sky suggests otherwise! Here are a few other shots

I had a cheeky wee ice cream too! Well, when in Brighton… Not the best photo I know, but it was hard taking it one handed!

Ice cream and Brighton Pier!

Giant ice cream or is the pier far away?

Interested in more photos of Brighton? Check out my walk along Brighton beach at night photos.

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