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Scotney Castle In Photos: Most Picturesque Castle in Kent?

See my walk around Scotney Castle and discover its history including ghosts and dinosaurs!

Built in the 14th century by Roger Ashburnham, Scotney Castle has been in ruins since the 16th century.

Parts of the castle may be in ruin, but it only adds to the charm of Scotney Castle.

You can still go inside and upstairs of Scotney Castle, but the main draw is the picturesque gardens and lake. It wouldn’t look out of place in Disney movie.

The name Scotney is derived from the Saxon for ‘ey’ or ‘ea’ meaning island.

There are rumours of a 100 million year old dinosaur footprint in the quarry which I did not know about before visiting! But while researching for photos or someone who has at least witnessed it, it appears no one has!

I wouldn’t like to visit Scotney Castle on a dark night however. Apparently, a ghost crawls painfully along the moat

I didn’t go inside the house as it was a sunny day, but apparently Margret Thatcher lived there whilst she was Prime Minister!

I’ll be honest, I thought this house had sunk or something. But apparently it’s a boathouse and it’s supposed to be like that! It’s Grade II listed which means it’s of special interest and warrants every effort to preserve it.

Another Grade II listed building at Scotney Castle is the ice house, a small building used to keep things cool before the refrigerator was invented!

You can also visit another National Trust location, Batemans, which is a 24 minute drive (Google Maps link). See my photos of my day trip to Batemans!