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In Photos: A Walk Around Samphire Hoe Country Park & Beach

Samphire Hoe is one of my favourite places in Kent for a quiet, refreshing stroll.

I visited Samphire Hoe twice, a four year gap between so you’ll see a difference in photos! I loved my first visit as it was just turning to dusk and the lighting was incredible.

I had just visited Dover Castle and walking the White Cliffs of Dover (both I can recommend visiting) and was driving home until I saw a sign that caught my eye. It was summer so I was keen to continue exploring and decided to pull in.

I waited at the traffic lights, curious at the tunnel up ahead I had to go through. I’m not going to France am I?! After an anxious 30 second drive through the tunnel I entered a car park and the cliffs on my right hand side.This magical tunnel opened seemed to reveal an ldylic park by the sea.

Samphire Hoe Wildlife

The paradise continued with roaming wild animals (although I could have done with fewer sheep and their poop…). Dogs are permitted but must be kept on a leash at all times which makes sense due to the wild animals roaming.

Still, it was quiet and the air was fresh (with that usual brisk wind that hits you when you’re next to the sea!). The car park was closing soon so I went back down the path and stumbled upon this blue tower, perfect for watching birds (and escaping the wind!).

Samphire Hoe Beach

On my second visit to Samphire Hoe, I continued at the end of the path onto Samphire Hoe beach. It was pretty quiet with only a few other souls walking on it. Be warned the smooth path runs out pretty quickly.

I decided to walk the length of it and on the way back my feet began to hurt from walking on the stoney beach. Seriously, South East England needs more sandy beaches like Margate! You can check out The Beach Guide for tide times. There’s a pretty incredible beach house which comes with its own cave in the yard!

Samphire Hoe Lighthouse

I was glad to find a paved path again, this time walking along the coast. There were a number of people fishing, you can buy permits at the tea kiosk. I walked past the bird watching tower/lighthouse to the other side. Not a lot more to see but it was peaceful with not a soul in sight.

The car park is also a very reasonable price, costing £2 for the whole day. There’s also a small refreshment kiosk selling drinks and ice cream. Toilets are free to use too.