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Poppies Review, Camden Town | The Plaice For Fish & Chips

Don’t let this traditional British favourite fool you into thinking fish and chips can only be served wrapped in yesterdays news. Poppies in Camden Town serves not only the perfect fish and chips, but a classy dining experience too. 

The words ‘award winning’ followed by ‘fish and chips’ will always grab my attention. And that’s quite a feat when you consider the number and variety of cuisine you can choose from around Camden Town.

Greeted by the friendly and smartly dressed front of house, you would be forgiven in thinking the award winning fish and chips was served somewhere else like in the upstairs premises. That was before I clocked the traditional fish counter, glowing majestically in the dimly lit room.

The jukebox, complete with brightly coloured trim, that also greets you upon entrance gives you a flavour of the era Poppies wants to transport you to.

Poppies Fish and Chips Camden Town

Poppies Fish and Chips Camden Town

The doo wop croons of days gone by  together with the candlelight on your table creates the perfect relaxed atmosphere.

The 1940’s theme is continued when the, also friendly, waitresses came to my table wearing red from top to toe. Think Virgin air stewards but much more elegant. And even the restrooms have old styled toilets!

But enough discussing the 40’s throwback. Lets talk about the fish and chips. 

The fish had this wonderful golden brown, crisp coating that made a loud crunch sound every time you cut into it with your knife.

Poppies Fish and Chips - cod

Poppies Fish and Chips – cod

Hiding inside I found a soft and flaky cod that was thick and meaty, almost like-steak, the sign of a quality fish.

I guess chips come down to preference, whether you like them McDonalds thin or McCains thick, but you can’t beat the hand-cut thick variety. Much like their fish, their chips were crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

Despite demolishing the plate in record breaking time, I could still feel the food envy as passers by looked in. That’s what happens when you decide to choose a window seat! I reckon I drew in a handful of customers because they saw my delicious plate and my huge grin as I tucked in!

The last little surprise came in the form of a mini frying basket when you ask for your bill – cute!

The best fish and chips in Britain? I can’t find any faults to suggest otherwise.

Poppies also have a restaurant and take away in Spitalfields while they also host a number of live music events and gigs – #fishngigs! Check out Poppies menu for pies, jellied eels and more!

Watch the man Pat Newland (Pop) talk all things Poppies in the video below.

Have you eaten at Poppies? What did you think? Tell me in the comments section below!

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