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Peanut Butter in a Burger? Haché, Camden Review

Burger connousuirs? That’s a bold claim to make. Although one look at Haché’s menu suggests this isn’t your average burger restaurant.

Proudly boasting Scottish beef steak burgers, their names have a foreign twist and intrigue – Canadian, Bavarian, Milano, Catalan and Mexican. Like I said, this isn’t your average burger restaurant.

In the end I opted for the Louisiana burger (£8.95) made up of tomato, red onion, rocket, cheese and peanut butter. That’s right. Peanut butter. In a burger. Pretty sure my eyes lit up as soon as I saw that on the menu.

Louisiana burger - Hache, Camden review
Don’t be fooled, lurking under that melted slice of cheese if peanut butter!

The heat from the burger makes the peanut butter ridiculously gooey, making it stick to the roof of your mouth even more. And the crunch adds a unique texture to the burger experience too. It was cooked perfectly to my preference of medium and had a lovely smoky taste from the chargrilled outside.

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I think I made the right choice with the brioche bun as it was incredibly soft. The added chewy layer of ciabatta may have given me lockjaw! Or if you’re looking for a healthier alternative, you can replace the bun with green salad.

The potato wedges arrived in their own cute mini frying basket and a side of chilli and cool garlic mayo – a match made in heaven. The potato wedges were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – perfection.

Potato wedges - Hache, Camden review
Perfect wedges + cute presentation = win

What’s better? A Nutella milkshake or an Oreo milkshake? A Nutella AND Oreo milkshake of course (£4.25)! Yup, it was as good as it sounds too. It was so thick, it just about came up through the straw. Rich, creamy and super indulgent, the sweet after taste and hit of Nutella made me roll my eyes into the back of my head. Yup, that good.

The service was great too. The Camden restaurant was busy but the staff never showed signs of it, even managing a couple ‘how is everything?’s and taking my licked-cleaned plates away pretty promptly. The music was a good mix of jazz, blues and indie pop rather than sticking to the one style which I loved.

Burger connoisseurs yes, but Haché seem to have the whole dining package down to a tee.

This family run business have been on a pretty epic journey to where they are now – in 2005 the business was struggling! But now they are thriving with Haché restaurants in Chelsea, Clapham, Shoreditch and they also recently opened a restaurant in Balham.

Have you tried Haché? What’s the best burger or milkshake you’ve had? Tell me in the comments section below!

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