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A Santa Hat with a Beard! | Men’s Hats for Winter

I hate wearing hats for the simple reason they mess up my hair. It’s the same reason why I don’t have a pair of those large headphones which everyone seems to have at the moment.

But I had to get a woolly hat for a trip to Lapland – I was told it could be -35°c! With no choice, I began scouring the internet and shops for a hat. There are a few common styles at the moment that I considered.

The bobble hat has experienced a resurgence somewhat in the last couple of years. It seems acceptable to look like a character from Southpark now! The bobble hat has taken over the slouch beanie hat as the reliable and go-to winter woolly hat, while those looking for the ultimate warmth swear by the trapper hat.

I went for none of these options in the end. As always I wanted to be different, and boy did I pick something different! When will I learn different isn’t always good!

I’ve wanted a hat with a detachable beard for the past couple of years, but I never pulled the trigger and actually bought one. Too scared by what people might say or become a laughing stock, I resisted buying these novelties of the hat world. It would surely be a waste of money. I would think it’s funny for about 15 minutes but as soon as I step outside the house I’ll surely take it off?

The Lapland trip seemed like the perfect time to buy one. Unfortunately I had little notice about the trip and couldn’t buy one online in time for the trip. Luckily, Next had a bearded hat in stock. While I’m a little gutted it isn’t a Viking hat with matching long beard, I’m pretty happy at my Santa/Christmas related hat that I bought for £14.

Do I look silly? You bet! But I look weird in hats anyway so I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much. The beard simply pops into two little plastic holders to keep it in place. It’s a one size fits all so you do have to adjust it quite a bit to get the moustache sitting right under your nose. For me, tilting it back did the trick, which is how I would wear it anyway to show off my fringe.

I did wear it with the beard outside while in Lapland for a little while, and it definitely kept my face warm! I was surprised how well the hat actually looks without the beard and have been wearing it this way since getting back to the UK. Yes, I have received some smiles from oncoming strangers in the street even without the beard (someone even laughed out loud which I din’t really appreciate!), but hey ho, if it makes them chuckle then at least I’m bringing joy to the world! Well, sort of…

Do I regret buying it? Hell no! I love it and I’m very pleased with my novelty purchase. Even Santa complimented me on the hat when I went to meet him in Lapland (minus the beard of course, I didn’t want to be disrespectful ha!). My only concern is wearing it after Christmas. But I can’t look any sillier can I?!

Have you bought a novelty woolly hat? What do you think of mine? Tell me in the comments section below!

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