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The Legend of Giant’s Causeway (and Why it Should be a Pixar Film)

I was already pretty excited to see Giant’s Causeway having seen photos of it many times.

As we walked, my friend casually told me the legend of how Giant’s Causeway was formed.

It had never occured to me the causeway was the result of a giant!

Not just any old Jack and the Beanstalk giant, but one that was disguised by his wife, as a baby…

WHY THE HELL IS THERE NOT A DISNEY/PIXAR MOVIE ABOUT GIANT’S CAUSEWAY (if you’re reading this Disney/Pixar, I want royalties)?!

Just imagine, an Irish giant, Finn McCool, is fighting a Scottish giant, Benandonner, who’s threatening Ireland. McCool, loses his cool and throws chucks of the Antrim coast across the sea.

A path is formed for McCool goes to sort out Benandonner. Except Benandonner is massive. Like a giant’s giant.

McCool sensibly retreats, but Benandonner isn’t scared an follows.

That’s when McCool’s wife disguises him as a baby. If McCool’s baby is huge, how big is his dad?!

Roll credits.

How the Giant’s Causeway was formed (the science version)

The less fun story of how the Giant’s Causeway was formed involves lava cooling to create these hexagonal columns 50 to 60 million years ago.

Okay still pretty fun.

Giant’s Causeway isn’t the only pretty thing to see nearby.

We parked for free at Portballintrae Village Hall on Beach Road so you can walk along the coast and cliffs to Giant’s Causeway (and bypass paying for the visitor experience).

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