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Wordle Alternatives For Music, Film, Travel And Football Fans

Not great with words? Me neither.

There is a sea of Wordle alternatives now. Here are several Wordle alternatives I play ever day.

Heardle – Wordle for music fans

Guess the correct artist and song title within seven seconds, with only one second played at a time. You’ll be surprised at how many songs you recognise just from the first second of the intro.

The songs are picked from a huge list of popularly streamed artists, covering a variety of decades and genres. Everything from Shakira to Oasis to Anderson Pak to Whitney Houston.

Anything released post 2015 I struggle with. Someone make a pop punk/emo Heardle, please!

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Framed – Wordle for film fans

Framed shows you six screenshots from films one at a time. This can be a huge challenge, especially if you only like certain types of films like me (mostly comedies).

The last shot is usually a huge giveaway, but sometimes you can glean information from the frame, even though you’ve never seen the film (I guessed Schindler’s List even though I’ve never watched the film). You’ll usually see an actor which can narrow your choice of films at least.

I can also recommend episode (TV version of Framed) and plotwords where you have to guess the movie from 15 short descriptions – both super hard!

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Worldle – Wordle for travel fans

Everyone know Italy is shaped like a boot. But how well do you know the shapes of other countries around the world? Turns out I hardly know any which is embarrassing considering I run a travel blog….

Worldle is much more of a guessing game for me. After each guess, the clues show you which direction the answer is in and the distance in km from your guess, helping to steer you in the right direction. But I’ve never heard of some of the countries selected by Worldle like Central African Republic so there are some niche choices.

Who Are Ya? – Wordle for football fans

Guess the footballer in 8 guesses. Your first guess is completely random and you’ll be hard pressed to get it in the first attempt.

After your first guess, you can narrow down what league they play in, position and age.

Leagues span from Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and Serie A. There are specific Who Are Ya? for the Premier League if you don’t watch football outside of England (like me).

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