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Warsaw: The Polish Capital on the Rise for Tourism

When you are Warsaw, forget goofing with your laptop. Be focused on the fact that you are in the Polish capital city.

The climate is heavenly, beautiful people walking around and almost everyone seems to be outdoors, to enjoy the Warsaw environment.

With Cheap Warsaw weekend city breaks experience and explore the swashbuckling attractions, awashed with thronging visitors and if you are with a guide, he will take you not only for sightseeing but also to the exciting gems of Warsaw.

The Old Town

The place to be for most visitors is the beautiful Old Town. In fact, apart from the local inhabitants and vendors, you can see an intriguing smile on the beggars and the oddballs. For a change in taste, tourists also love visiting the Pl. Zbawiciela where people from the famous places like Warzawska and Plan B are always resounding with merry-making gestures.

Along the Banks of the Wista

The European continent is proud about a river running through its heart. Thank God that the times are changing with great and innovative ideas that have transformed into visionaries with hard-nosed determiners who have stood their ground.

Bike & Sail: This is a popular name in Warsaw that in connection with the tourist offers of river facilities and bicycle communication. Due to natural value the bicycle route will have recreational characters and will be equipped with bike rentals tourist signage and all-night lighting of the stretched boulevards as well as ramps.

The Eventful Cultural Scene in Warsaw


Poland cultural events

Great cultural events in Poland

With around 30 theaters and 60 cinemas, Warsaw is unquestionably the cultural scene of Poland and throttled by an array of festivals as diverse as the Jewish Culture, Chopin and the International Film Festival.

The skyline of Warsaw has added glittering- squeaky additions that are dominated till now. Places such as Palace of Culture and Science rubs shoulder with the famed Congress Hall. On your weekend breaks Warsaw, the other places that are worth exploring, include the well-known club Stodola and the Palladium for a cabaret evening.

How is a Polish Nightlife?

Bars in Poland

Poland has a wide selection of lively bars

Warsaw might be a thriving capital but it definitely lacks behind other European spots. The hedonistic capers really don’t have a heart-pounding nightlife scene and hopping from bar A to B is an exhausting occurrence.

With short breaks Warsaw tourists and party-goers love to hang around Pl. Teatralny and Pl. Piłsudskiego area that has become a favourite firm with a smart crowd. Don’t be surprised at the dressing as many pubs and bars have adapted the thinking that ‘clothes maketh a man’, and one can find most of these prominent places operating a velvet-rope door strategy to guarantee those weaving in their Saturday clothes make it as far as the dance floor.

Shopping in Warsaw

Poland is a shoppers paradise

Poland is a shoppers paradise

Warsaw may not be Dubai, Hong Kong or London but the city is regarded as a shopping Mecca and has seen true growth in the array of shops that are available with the amazing labels opening on the storefronts.

Top 5 Shopping Dens in Warsaw

  • World of Amber
  • W. Kruk
  • Krakowski Kredens
  • Chopin Luxury
  • M&P

Whether its western style malls, boutiques, dusty family stores or antique markets, few minutes spent in shopping can result in both possessing the treasures with amazing bargains.

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