Big Ben, Hahn/Cock & Trafalgar Square | Photos of London

Have you ever noticed the fish themed lamp post whilst walking along the River Thames?

I have only recently. The detail is stunning; everything from the scales to the nostrils of the fish. Well, apparently they are referred to as dolphins but they are most definitely fish I think you’ll agree – they kind of remind me of Magikarp from Pokemon… You can see Big Ben out of focus in background and a capsule from The London Eye too.

Fish/Dolphin lamp post and Big Ben

This picture is characteristically London; a black cab, a big red bus and Big Ben!

Big Ben, Black Cab and Big Red Bus

I’ve visited London every weekend for almost a year since moving down south now, yet I had never walked along Lambeth Pier.

Big Ben

I saw a viewfinder which instantly brought back memories of taking pictures in Lake Como with a viewfinder which is still one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken.

Lake Como

While this one I took with Big Ben in the background doesn’t compare with my shot from Lake Como, I’m still pretty happy with the shot – I just wish it was sunnier!

Viewfinder on Big Ben

We move on to Trafalgar Square and a giant blue cock (no sniggering please). Cleverly named Hahn/Cock, this sculpture by German artist Katharina Fritsch proudly stands on the Fourth Plinth. You can’t help but notice it every time you’re at Trafalgar Square. Its vibrant blue shines like a beacon amongst the monotone palette of Trafalgar Square. You can read a deeper analysis about Hahn/Cock here.

Blue cock – Trafalgar Square

In front of the National Gallery was a man drawing it with chalk on the ground and someone filming the entire sketch – I would have loved to have seen the video sped up as I didn’t hang around to see the results! But I thought it was interesting that he was using a stick with chalk on the end of it as I thought that would have been less accurate. I bet you noticed Hahn/Cock in the background – see what I mean!

National Gallery street artist

Have you ever been casually strolling, minding your own business and turn your head to be greeted with a photo opportunity? I was just glancing at Nelson’s Column (as it’s pretty hard to miss) when I just had to take a picture. I’m still not entirely sure what I liked about it. The photographer was definitely the focal point of the shot, but it was also everything else that just seemed to fall into place and seemed right.

Photographer at Trafalgar Square

It’s weird, I hadn’t noticed anything in particular when I decided to snap – time was limited so I had to be quick! Analysing the photo now, I like the LBGT flag flying high in the distance, the tourist bus driving by, four people perched on Nelson’s Column, the vibrant colour of the woman in the red jacket just walking into shot and Big Ben photobombing yet again!

Face in the ceiling – Trafalgar Square

Face in the ceiling – Trafalgar Square

Lastly, this startled me a little when I saw this. Don’t ask me why I was looking at the ceiling outside of the entrance to a Waterstones, but here is a face with a tie. Annoyingly I can’t find any information on the internet regarding this so if you do know something, tell me in the comments section!

What do you think about Hahn/Cock? Tell me in the comments section below!

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