Photos: International Pillow Fight Day 2014, Trafalgar Square

The first rule of International Pillow Fight Day : You do not attend without a pillow.

I only went to take some pictures, yet ended up battered and bruised. And I was unarmed too, nothing to retaliate with or shield me from the unrelenting attacks from everyone and anyone – isn’t that bad pillow fight etiquette? Still, I loved the experience and left with a huge smile across my face.

Despite BoJo’s best attempts to prevent pillow fight day taking place at Trafalgar Square (barriers, policemen and ‘coincedental’ cleaning prevented the event taking place below Nelson’s watchful eye), the event was still a success on the North Terrace in front of The National Gallery. There aren’t many words needed so I’ll let the pictures do the talking… let the feathers fly!

I’m assuming this is the organiser on a megaphone in just his boxers…

The Weaponry
No love (or mercy) to be found here!

Clearly from the expressions, people were not ready to do battle.

Let the battle commence!

He may be smiling but his eye suggests he wants to beat me to death!

‘I don’t even have a pillow!’

I got too close to the action – let the feathers fly!

World Pillow Fight Day, Trafalgar Square, London
World Pillow Fight Day, Trafalgar Square, London

Some double teamed to create a double whammy of pain!

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Some were beaten to the ground…

Someone shouted ’10 points for the giraffe!!!’. Others duly accepted the challenge.

A couple of the regular street entertainers joined in full costume, including this guy in a suit who had enough of pillows flying too close to his head and went all Matrix on people’s asses!

World Pillow Fight Day, Trafalgar Square, London

And a (minor) celebrity graced our presence too, the Silentnight hippo!

Weirdly, there was a man who was not participating or taking pictures but holding a bunch of heart-shaped balloons and paper which said ‘when was the last time you said I love you?’ – at a pillow fight?

World Pillow Fight Day, Trafalgar Square, London

And The National Gallery was such a grand battleground, it looked splendid covered in feathers.

World Pillow Fight Day, Trafalgar Square, London

And even though I didn’t have a pillow, I still ended up looking like this. I may be smiling but I got numerous feathers in my eye and felt like I swallowed a whole pillow!

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