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Bistrot Chez Remy Review: The Amazing Ratatouille Restaurant

Is Bistrot Chez Remy the best restaurant at Disneyland Paris? Does the food match the brilliantly fun Ratatouille decor? Read on to find out!

I wasn’t expecting this.

Huge plates, cork styled chairs and salad leaves.

Yes, it feels like I’m a Borrower. And I love it.

Even the Christmas tree in the reception is themed.

Elsewhere, Gustou’s credentials adorn the walls, which makes me excited for the menu.

The Menu

I ordered three courses; seasonal soup with the laughing cow and mixed herbs, grilled steak with Ratatouille and French fries and chocolate mousse for €42. All of which was delicious.

And I loved the Ratatouille fountain outside of the restaurant too.

The Ratatouille ride next to the restaurant does throw you a little from side to side so I wouldn’t recommend going on the ride after the meal!

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