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Why Stonehenge is Perfect for a Family Day Out

Sometimes, when you’re ready to gather the family and head out on a day trip, you need somewhere that’s all about fresh air, peace and quiet, and the feeling of being far from the madding crowds…and a day at Stonehenge is the perfect escape.

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Who says summer days out are all about screaming on rollercoasters and queuing for rides? Don’t overlook the attractions that are right on our doorsteps, that have stood the test of time and that always get the kids chatting…yes guys, we mean attractions like Stonehenge.

If the kids have been revising to the point that you only really see them when they pop up for feeding, and the office is starting to feel a little claustrophobic as the days lengthen, there are some fantastic tours of Stonehenge that have been created with families in mind.

This prehistoric monument stands tall, right in the heart of Wiltshire’s beautiful countryside, and a Stonehenge tour can be as much about unwinding and getting outdoors for a few hours as it is about discovering the secrets behind the stones. Stonehenge may have served as an ancient solar calendar.

To be honest, the site’s about as far from the daily grind as it’s possible to get, and there’s a tranquil atmosphere at the Stone Circle that makes it easy to cast your mind back to the days when Neolithic man worked with unimaginable determination to create the monument we can still admire today. If you’ll be bringing frazzled teens feeling despondent about exam results, standing at the foot of the stones that made it all the way from Wales all those thousands of years ago is a powerful way to show them just what we can achieve when we set our minds to something.  

The easy walk from the English Heritage visitor centre’s not only a great opportunity to get chatting about what you’re about to see and spark the kids’ imaginations, but it also means the chance to stretch your legs with a stroll through some of the most significant landscape in the whole of the UK. Part of the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site, the area is dotted with prehistoric monuments that have kept the archaeological world entertained for decades, and if it’s not often you can get the family feeling excited about a group walk then this is the place to get started.

Now, what’s a family stroll without pausing for a picnic? You’ll either be welcome to use one of the picnic benches close to the English Heritage café, or, if you’re content to find a spot and spread the blanket, you’ll be more than welcome to admire the stones while you tuck in.

If you’re not too sure how to plan your day at the stones, has advice, tips and everything you need to know about the Stonehenge tours available, and no matter which one you opt for, you’ll experience a unique day out that’s got something for every member of the family.


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