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Find Yourself the Finest Cottages, B&Bs and Hotels in Norwich

Norwich is a popular place for those looking to spend a weekend away in the UK. The city is lively without being hectic, there is a lot to do and see – with the cathedral being a particularly popular option, and you are not too far away from the coast either.

Nonetheless, the only difficulty people experience is when it comes to finding the best accommodation for their stay in the area. This is not because the options in Norwich are poor, in fact it is quite the opposite; there are so many fantastic options to choose from.

The most notable out of all the accommodation options is the hotels in Norwich. You have everything ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels. If you truly want a relaxing weekend then a luxury hotel is recommended. You can indulge in award winning food, unwind in the spa, and enjoy a nice game of golf too.

Alternative accommodation encompasses renting a cottage for your stay. This is another recommended choice. After all, you won’t have to worry about other guests and you are assured a cosy stay. Nevertheless, you do miss out on all of the facilities and luxuries associated with a hotel. You will also have to go for self catering too.

Once you have carefully considered what type of accommodation is best for you, you should then decide where in Norwich you want to stay. Do you want to be in city centre? Or you want to be slightly outside of Norwich in one of the nearby villages? The latter option is particularly recommended. You will be able to take the short trip into Norwich centre whenever you feel like it. You will also benefit from the peace and serenity that’s associated with being in more of a quiet area. Not only this, but you tend to find that the better and higher quality accommodation is situated slightly outside of Norwich.

Aside from considering luxury hotels and cottages and opting for accommodation slightly outside of Norwich, another way to find the best place to stay is to do your research and see what other people have to say. You can easily access feedback on the internet and this is the best way to get a true image of what the accommodation is like. People aren’t going to lie to you about their experience.

Furthermore, if you are going to stay in a hotel then knowing how many stars it boasts is advisable. Anything of four or five star will assure you of quality. If you go for anything lower than a four star hotel then there is no guarantee that you will be completely happy with your accommodation.

You should also find out the facilities that are on offer – this is more relevant for hotels in Norwich. Is there a swimming pool? What about a golf course? What spa options are available? What is the restaurant like? Is there a place to watch the weekend football? These are all the little perks that take standard accommodation to being the finest accommodation.

Thus, in order to find the best accommodation you need the following; luxury hotels or cottages, a location just outside of Norwich, fantastic facilities, a four or five star rating, and fantastic feedback. (Photo credit: Martin Richards / / CC BY-SA)

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Drusilla Anderson is a freelance writer with an experience of more than five years. She loves writing articles on travelling and hotels. In this article she speaks of what to look for in the best hotels in Norwich.

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