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Mrs Bow Tie Review: How To Tie A Real Bow Tie

Frank Sinatra. James Bond. Doctor Who. Justin Timberlake.

Don’t call it a comeback. The humble bow tie is still being rocked by a select few.

I’ve always wanted to own a bow tie, but never had an occasion to justify buying one. But now I’m getting older (womp womp womp) wedding invitations are coming in thick and fast. If you can’t wear a bow tie at a wedding, when can you wear one?

While the high street fashion retailers sell a handful of bow ties, they’re all pre-tied and clip-ons. I don’t know why but a self tie bow tie appeals to me more. Maybe it’s the fact you can untie it at the end of the night and leave it casually draped around your neck.

I wish I had more occasions to wear a bow tie, like for work of something (not sure if I would cut it as a chippendale though…) because then I could justify buying more than one. It’s hard not to browse Mrs Bow Tie’s hundreds of bow ties and want to buy at least ten, so you can imagine how difficult it is to pick one!

Mrs Bow Tie review: range and styles

With so many patterns and colours to choose from, Mrs Bow Tie has your back. You’re bound to find something to suit your preference and needs for any occasion whether it’s smart, casual or even novelty.

Sorted by style and colour, it makes it really easy to browse. Blue is my favourite colour so I played it slightly safe. This was a wedding I was attending after all so this was not the time to go for anything too fancy or wacky that might draw some raised eyebrows!

But I couldn’t help myself. Instead of a plain blue bow tie I opted for one with white polka dots! Think you’ll agree it just gives it a little more personality and stands out more. You’ll find bow ties come in standard size, skinny, pre-tied and self tied.

Mrs Bow Tie – Airforce blue and white polka dots
Mrs Bow Tie – Airforce blue and white polka dots

The bow tie came beautifully packaged and included a lovely hand written note too!

I matched it up with my sky blue oxford shirt and navy suit.

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How to tie a bow tie

On a side note, tying a bow tie can be tricky at first. After four Youtube tutorials I finally managed to tie the thing! But it was definitely worth it in the end and I don’t regret buying a self tied one. A combination of these how to tie a bow tie videos below helped me – maybe Mrs Bow Tie should create their own video guide!

Mrs Bow Tie also offer neckties, pocket squares and even bow ties for your furry little friend! My dog’s birthday is coming up…

Are you a fan of the bow tie? What pattern/style of bow tie do you like? Tell me in the comments section below!

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