Now, Jeff Koons Exhibition Review | Newport Street Gallery

Jeff Koons’ Now shows there is more than meets the eye at Newport Street Gallery.

It’s funny the tricks your eyes can play on you.

Acrobat Jeff Koons Now

Even as I have my face as close to the ‘inflatable beach toys’ (without being told off by the galleries’ watchful eyes), my eyes and brain tell me these could have been bought in Brighton.

Balloon Monkey (Blue) & Titi

Equally, I see balloons when looking at Balloon Monkey (Blue) and Titi. Highly reflective, they act as a mirror, showing the viewer as they Instagram. Viewers become part of the artwork.

Balloon Monkey (Blue)

Balloon Monkey (Blue) Jeff Koons

Balloon Monkey (Blue) Jeff Koons Now

I have an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch all of them, just to make sure what the guide said was true. They are all in fact made from steel.

Titi Jeff Koons

That’s how impressive and realistic Jeff Koons inflatables are. There are crimps and wrinkles at the seams, that’s how realistic they are.

And that’s the overall feeling I’m left with as I leave Damien Hirst’s Newport Gallery in Vauxhall – astonishment.

I’m in awe and more impressed by Koons’ skill and craftsmanship to create plastic-like structures from steel.

Three Ball 50/50 Tank (Spalding Dr. JK Silver Series)

Take his Three Ball 50/50 Tank (Spalding Dr. JK Silver Series) as another example of Koons’ level of effort and strife for perfection.

Three Ball 5050 Tank (Spalding Dr. JK Silver Series)

To achieve perfect equilibrium of half submerged basketballs, Koons consulted Noble laureate physicist Richard P. Feynman. The solution? Filling the basketballs with a custom made mixture and distilled water in the tank.

As you can see, the balls are not floating in perfect symmetry. Despite being encased, light and vibration from the outside world can still have a major effect on the basketballs. As time ticks, the basketballs sink and have to be reset.

Much like balloons and inflatables, time wears them down. Whether they’re made of steal or not.

Nothing lasts forever. This is the present. This is Now.

Perfection is a construct.

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