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After a disappointing trip to London for the Boxing Day sales, I took a break from London and headed to the coast. I’ve only been to Brighton a few times but I absolutely love the city. It reminds me a lot of my home town Glasgow  – a great day out for shopping and lots of lovely little cafes and niche food places – except it’s by the sea!

After some retail therapy I headed towards the beach. Unfortunately it’s a pebble beach (apparently it has around 614,600,000) and isn’t fun to walk along, but I wanted to get some pictures of the pier. If you’re in Brighton, I recommend going to the pier which has fairground attractions, arcades and little food stalls serving a variety of cuisine from around the world.

Brighton Pier
Brighton pier and beach
Brighton Beach, Pebbles and Sea
Brighton Beach and Pebbles

Walking along to the end of the beach I reached the marina. There really isn’t much there except a cinema, restaurants, bowling complex and ASDA so I headed back along the beach to practise more night time photography as I had never seen the pier at night – it didn’t disappoint.

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Brighton Wheel Long Exposure At Night

Brighton Pier, West Pier & A Viewfinder

There just seemed to be the this old, random flag in the middle of the beach!

Brighton Beach Flag
Brighton Pier and Ferris Wheel at Night

While the Brighton Ferris wheel is nothing compared to the London Eye (London has spoiled me) I think the cabins are beautifully lit so you can just see the outlines of them. I really need to buy a tripod because it was freezing and my hands wouldn’t stop shaking! A long exposure shot would have looked great.

Brighton Ferris Wheel

What’s your favourite thing about Brighton? Which is you favourite photo? Tell me in the comments section below!


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