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Thames Speed Boat Experience Review | Best Way To See Tower Bridge

The only way to travel down the Thames in style, by speed boat.

Do do do do do do doooo, do do, do do dooooo!!!

That was me trying to put the James Bond theme tune into words. If you didn’t get that, I don’t blame you.

With the James Bond theme tune blaring from the speaker behind me and the wind blowing in my hair, I got a little carried away (as I always do).

I was trying to take photos while the boat was at full speed. I don’t know why I bothered because the water does get quite choppy and the ride goes from a pleasant journey down the Thames to quite a bumpy ride (I imagine it to be similar to riding a horse?).

Speed boat Tower Bridge Thames London
Speed boat Thames London
Speed boat Thames
Tower Bridge boat Thames River
Speed boat Thames River London

The ride isn’t too scary, although some of the other passengers may disagree! Even for me, someone who can’t swim, sat on the outside of the boat and had no intention of drinking mouthfuls of that horrible murky brown water (seriously, why is the Thames so cloudy?).

But if it does get a little too much for you, all you have to do is put both arms in the air and they will slow down. I did this by accident as I was getting carried away and think they slowed a little (no go faster!).

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The speed boat trip down the Thames was also special for the fact it was the first time I had seen Tower Bridge in person! Quite a way to see it I think you’ll agree!

Tower Bridge Butler's Wharf
Tower Bridge Thames London

Another reason to buy a selfie stick


Google+ made this neat gif of my photos!

Tower Bridge speed boat gif

I had this opportunity after a work meeting at the HMS President… What a way to end a meeting huh!? But there are plenty of other speed boat companies offering similar experiences. I’m sure they provide the same thrilling experience as I had.

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