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The View From The Cheap Seats At Wimbledon – Is It Worth It?

We were lucky enough to get court no.1 seats in the ballot at Wimbledon for £65. Here’s the view.

Not bad huh? The photo actually makes the court look further away than it did in real life. We were in route Y, about 5 does from the back. I had no trouble following the ball (unlike the time I saw NFL at Wembley).

For £65, we watched the matches including the women’s world number 1, and the world’s mens number 1. All three games were great to watch. Court no.1 also has a roof so you’re guaranteed to see matches (unlike the smaller courts where train can stop play).

I had such a great first Wimbledon experience in hoping to go again and even looking at tickets for the Davis Cup!

How to get tickets to Wimbledon tennis

  1. Enter the Ballot:
    Start by participating in the public ballot, which opens several months before the tournament. It’s a free-for-all chance to snag tickets for specific days and courts. Simply register online and cross your fingers for luck. Remember, though, there’s no guarantee of success, so don’t put all your strawberries in one basket!
  2. The Early Bird Catches the Worm:
    Consider attending the early rounds of the tournament. While the later stages with big-name players may be more exciting, tickets for the initial matches tend to be less pricey and easier to secure. Plus, you still get to experience the unique Wimbledon atmosphere and witness emerging talents in action.
  3. Queue it Up:
    Joining “The Queue” can be an adventurous option. Arrive early, armed with your camping gear and plenty of patience, as you’ll be waiting in line outside the All England Club. It’s a great opportunity to mingle with fellow fans and soak up the pre-match buzz. Just be aware that this method doesn’t guarantee tickets, so have a backup plan in case luck isn’t on your side.
  4. Keep an Eye on Returns:
    Check the official Wimbledon website regularly for returned tickets. These are seats that have been previously purchased but are now available for resale. Keep your finger on the refresh button and snatch up any last-minute opportunities that come your way. It pays to be persistent!
  5. Embrace the Outskirts:
    Consider watching the matches from Murray Mound (formerly known as Henman Hill) or the nearby Wimbledon Park. Large screens are set up, allowing fans to catch the action live and be part of the festive ambiance without a ticket. Pack a picnic, grab a comfy blanket, and enjoy the matchday vibes from outside the main gates.