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Wimbledon Tennis 2023 Park & Ride Morden Guide + Review

If getting to Wimbledon 2023 by public transport isn’t really an option (it would have meant getting four trains and a 2hr30m journey for us), then I highly recommend the Morden park and ride.

Finding the car park & paying

For £15, you can park in Morden Park near the Morden leisure centre. The signs for the park and ride kind of just stop before you reach the car park which we found confusing. If you type into your sat nav the postcode SM4 5QU, you’ll see it directs you to a seemingly empty Morden Park car park on your right hand side with the leisure centre behind you. Follow it and a person in hi-vis will redirect you to the field car parkwhere you’ll be meet by the person with a card machine (the space between Morden park playground and the Merton Register Office in the image above).

You can’t prepay, you just pay at the front using a card machine. It’s a pretty big field so I imagine they don’t reach maximum capacity. There’s also toilets available at the car park.

Transport to Wimbledon from Morden

A double decker bus transports you to Wimbledon around 15 minutes and drops you off at gate E, just a minutes walk from the gate 12 entrance (in between court no.3 and no. 12)

Departing Wimbledon to Morden

The bus picks you back up where it drops you off. When we were leaving, we had to stand on the bus as it was packed after the final match on court no.1 so it can get very busy. The bus runs until 10pm.

And there was an AA van parked in the field should you run into any car problems.