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4 Best & Unique Weddings Venues In Kent I Visited

It was really hard to choose between these 4 unique wedding venues in Kent, but we chose Dreamland in the end! Here’s why and what we loved about Dreamland and the other 3 close contenders.


Dreamland is a small amusement park in the coastal town of Margate.

That’s right, you can get married then have a go on the oldest working wooden rollercoaster in the UK.

Or the Ferris wheel of you prefer something less thrilling like myself.

Or you can play in the arcades or have a skate in the retro roller disco, where you can also have your ceremony too.

There are 4 private huts at the back of the park to have canapés and drinks if the weather is on your side.

Preston Court

A close second was Preston Court.

Preston Court is located in Between Sandwich and Canterbury.

This remote location is perfect for couples looking to have a secluded ceremony amongst Kent’s natural beauty.

Straight from a fairytale, Preston Court offers a small moated island where you can have your ceremony (the island seats 20 guests which gives you an idea how small the island is.

Or if the rain rears its ugly head, you can have your ceremony in the 17th century barn, complete with two massive, beautifully decorated organs.

Oh and Preston Court also has a carousel and there is an option to have more fun fair games included in your package in case the idea of Dreamland still sounds appealing.

Hever Castle

Continuing the fairytale theme next, an actual castle in Kent.


Renown as the childhood home of Anne Boleyn (King Henry VIII’s second wife), the interior rooms at Hever Castle are as opulent as you’d expect a castle would be.

Another fairytale option is having your ceremony outside by the beautiful lake as a backdrop. At night, you can request fireworks over the lake too.


Getting married in a castle is surprisingly not that expensive and is comparable to the other venues on this list.

East Quay

East Quay in Whitstable was the first wedding venue we visited. And it set a high benchmark.

Located on the beach, the photo opportunities are beautiful and unique.

Unfortunately, you can’t have your ceremony on the beach, but you can see the sea through a few small windows in the venue.

Marlyebrook House

We had booked a visit to Marleybrook House, but cancelled in the end after falling in love with Dreamland. It’s one of the most expensive wedding venues on the list, but looks beautiful and has its own retro fairground attractions.