Best Shaving Razor Clubs Reviewed – Dollar Shave Club vs Harry’s vs Cornerstone vs grüum vs Gillette

I ordered trials to find the best shaving razor club – here’s my review of Harry’s, Cornerstone, Dollar Shave Club and grüum!

For several years I used Wilkinson Sword’s Quattro Titanium Precision Razor having seen the adverts on TV. The trimming function appealed massively as my sideburns grow at a ridiculous rate (giving me the nickname Elvis when I forget to trim them).

The Quattro razor is fine. When it broke, I decided to buy the Gillette Styler (Gillette’s equivalent to Wilkinson’s trimming razor) as it was on sale.

The 5th blade makes all the difference.

The Gillette razor’s head glides and angles better to contours than Wilkinson’s; I definitely won’t be going back.

But I decided to get a bunch of trials of the razor subscription services having been bombarded by advertisements (good targeting marketing departments!).

Here’s my review of the best shaving razor clubs.

grüum razor review

I opted for the Precision 6 5-blade razor (with handle) and shave gel (rrp £19.88)

For me, the grüum razor is the best looking razor you can buy on the market. There are 6 colours to choose from.

The handle is perfectly ergonomic with a flat edge for your index finger and an indent for your thumb on the back.

The blade cuts the closest out of the three razor subscriptions and is on par with Gillette’s. The edging blade also performed the best for my wild sideburns and better than the Gillette and Wilkinson trimmers. It has the same feeling as a shavette.

grüum claim their razor offers a clog free experience due to better blade spacing. I can confirm this is true; grüum’s is the only one that doesn’t have hair clogged between the razor.

The shave gel contains aloe vera and antibacterial witch hazel, with orange and eucalyptus.

I’m also a big fan of their face wash and soap. They smell great and are full natural ingredients, unlike some of the cheaper men’s skincare products you can buy in supermarkets.

Price of razor, shave gel (120ml) and 8 razor cartridges – £40 (£2.88 per razor cartridge)

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Harry’s razor review

I ordered a razor (The Truman), travel blade cover and shave gel (rrp £12.50)

Harry’s razor is somewhere between grüum and Cornerstone’s, not great but not bad either. The cut is somewhere in between the two.

The razor features a rubber grippy handle (which there are 3 colours to choose from) so no chances of slippage. I do wonder what state it will be in six months time however, so I’ll provide an update in time.

Harry’s shaving gel, which contains aloe vera, is of the lather type (which I prefer).

Price of razor, shavel gel (114ml) and 8 razor cartridges – £26.50 (£1.88 per razor cartridge)

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Cornerstone razor review

I ordered the Cornerstone Luxury Gift Set which includes a personalised chrome razor handle, 6 razor blades, shave gel, pre-shave scrub and post-shave balm (rrp £35)

The chrome handle feels solid and weighty, so it can suffer several bashes against the sink for instance.

But that’s where the positives end unfortunately.

The handle has little shape (almost just circular with a line indent for grip on the underside), add to that the chrome finish feels quite slippy when your hand is wet or covered in shaving gel. I think the printed initials on the handle looks a tad gimmicky.

The blade has the worst cut or the four razors too, leaving longer hairs then the rest of the records meaning I was shaving more often.

Their skincare products however are brilliant. The pre-face scrub contains cedarwood and volcanic sand exfoliating grains while the after shave cream is blended with mint and honey so your skin feels smooth and fresh before and after shaving.

It’s such a shame the razor isn’t up to the same standard as their skin products. I wouldn’t but Cornerstone razors again after this trial.

Price of razor, shave gel (150ml) and 6 razor cartridges – £29 (£2.33 per razor cartridge)

Dollar Shave Club razor review

I ordered the Shave Starter Set from Dollar Shave Club which includes Shave Butter (Travel) (88 ml), Razor Cartridge (4 pk) and 1 Razor Handle for £5.

The razor handle has the most grip out of Gruum, Harry’s and Cornerstone, but thinner than Gillete’s. I guess it depends on your preference when it comes to razor handles.

The razor is on par with Harry’s, so not quite as sharp or smooth as Gruum’s or Gillete’s.

It’s Dollar Shave Club’s shaving butter that you definitely need to buy – it’s a game changer.

It’s the first time I’ve used shaving butter. And I won’t be going back to gel or foam.

If you haven’t tried shaving butter before either, the razor not only glides but your face feels super smooth and doesn’t dry it out unlike some shaving gels and foams. This is great if, like me, you forget to moisturise afterwards.

Which is the best shave club?

Even though grüum is the more expensive of the razor subscriptions, I think it’s well worth the money if you can afford it. It’s looks great and gives the closest shave.

  1. Gillette and Gruum (£5 off your first order with my discount code!)
  2. Harry’s/Dollar Shave Club
  3. Cornerstone

Are shave clubs worth it?

I’d definitely recommend signing up to a shave club. It’s really easy to maintain and tailor your subscription to your shaving needs and how often you shave. And you’ll never forget to buy a razor at the shops again!

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