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Trove Swift & Cash Wrap Wallet Review One Year On

Looking for a minimalist wallet with style and functionality that isn’t boring? Find out why I love my Trove Swift and Cash Wrap!

What kind of wallet is a young(ish) gentleman supposed to have in their early 30’s?

Is it the same with wallets as it is with garments of clothing; you eventually have to ‘grow up’ and out of certain things like hoodies and sweatpants?

I feel it’s time for a sensible (read as boring) leather wallet.

So I had chosen a plain brown leather bifold online (bifold screams sensible), picked it up off the shelf in the shops. And then put it back down.

It was massive.

There would be a huge rectangle outline in my trouser pocket if I were to buy it. I guess I’m supposed to have buy looser trousers to accommodate my massive and boring wallet too?

So I looked online for and discovered minimalist men’s wallets. And there are many to choose from.

Trove: The perfect travel wallet?

Trove Swift and Cash Wrap Wallet Review

That’s when I stumbled upon Trove who made minimalist leather wallets with a twist.

I bought their Cash Wrap (£35) and Swift Wallet (£25). It’s a little more than I wanted to spend, but I’m really happy I did and have no regrets.

The hardest part is choosing a colour! You can even design your own! So you can really match your wallet to your personality.

Not only does it look great, they’re also really practical.

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Trove Swift Wallet review

I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a card wallet. But Trove have really designed it well to maximise space and functionality.

I’d say the Swift Wallet can hold a maximum of 6 cards. Trove say it can hold 10 cards comfortably, but I’ve found it starts to make it quite bulky and defeats its slim purpose.

No space is wasted, it’s essentially the size of a standard credit card. This makes Trove the perfect travel wallet.

It has three compartments, so 2 cards in each. You could sandwich another card in between those, but that would involve having to pull all three cards out, as opposed to just sliding one card out at a time.

And to make it even easier, they have a simple yet ingenious little tab which pulls out your card making it easy to access. Solving a problem I never knew I really had! This is ideal if you have one hand full like carrying a cup or holdall. This tab makes it worth buying over the standard Trove Wallet in my opinion.

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Trove Cash Wrap review

Where do you keep your coins? Do you even carry coins?

I still do for service tips so I was looking for something to replace my (MANLY!) coin purse.

The Cash Wrap has a tiny pocket to put loose change in. Of course, the more coins you put in, the bulkier the wallet is going to be. I only put 2 £1 coins in (which is sufficient in most cases) which helps keep it’s slim profile.

The Cash Wrap has space for your notes too which are easy to slip in and out and more space for cards too, also with the pull out tab for cards. You can access the cards without unwrapping the wallet. Again, it’s essentially the same size a standard credit card.

They use premium leather from Italy. Taking my trove wallet in and out of my pocket every day for a year hasn’t really marked it at all. So far the leather seems pretty durable. The band is also in good shape too, no signs of snapping just yet!

See the whole Trove range and customise your own at

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