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Level8 28″ Voyageur Luggage Review + Discount Code

Level8’s Voyageur comes in three sizes – 20″, 26″ and 28″. Here are the dimensions and weight of each, compared.

/CapacityWeightOver Dimension
20”43L8.1 lbs(3.7kg)15.1”L*9.8”W*21.3H(38.5cmL*25cmW*54.5cmH) 

I’ll be reviewing the largest size, 28″, priced at £252.40.

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Inside the Voyageur

The Voyageur comes with one of the most organised, unique suitcase interiors I’ve seen.

There are two large zipped compartments and two smaller compartments. Inside one of the large compartments is a pop up separator too. Bye bye packing cubes.

One of the smallest compartments is a fully lined wet separation pocket which I haven’t seen in many suitcases. Handy for last minute dips in the pool when you don’t have time for your swimwear to dry.

One small downside is the handle on the front presents a slightly awkward ridge in the middle of one of the large compartments.

I’m not sure this handle is needed as carring the suitcase from here is a little awkward and it already features the standard handle on the top and side.

Outside the Voyageur

The Voyageur features a Polycarbonate anti scratch hard shell (essential for checked in luggage) made from Bayer Makrolon material. There are eight stoppers on the back and one side to protect the outer shell even further.

At the time of writing, the 28″ Voyageur comes in yellow, navy and black (the yellow really stands out as you can see which I like).

What is Bayer Makrolon?

Bayer Makrolon is a type of thermoplastic polycarbonate (PC) material produced by the German chemical company Bayer AG. Makrolon is known for its high impact resistance, transparency, and lightweight properties, making it a popular choice for a variety of applications, including:

Automotive parts: Makrolon is commonly used in automotive applications, such as headlight lenses and exterior trim components, due to its durability and impact resistance.

Medical devices: Due to its biocompatibility, Makrolon is often used in medical devices, such as diagnostic equipment and implantable devices.

Electronics: Makrolon is used in electronic applications, such as laptop shells, mobile phone casings, and other electronic devices, because of its light weight and high dimensional stability.

Safety equipment: Makrolon is used in safety equipment, such as riot shields and safety glasses, because of its high impact resistance and transparency.

Building and construction: Makrolon is used in building and construction applications, such as skylights, roofing panels, and walls, due to its high resistance to weather and UV radiation.

Overall, Bayer Makrolon is a versatile material that is known for its high performance and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


I’m my opinion, four wheels on large check-in luggage is an absolute must. I’ve been tilting and pulling for years and making the switch to 360 spinning four wheels was a traveling game changer. Trust me, four wheels is worth the extra money.


Using high end material such as Bayer Makrolon means the 28″ suitcase weighs 5.65kg.


The Voyageur comes with a TSA approved lock.

What are TSA approved locks?

A TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved lock is a type of luggage lock that has been tested and approved by the TSA for use on checked baggage. These locks are designed to allow TSA agents to inspect your luggage if necessary, without having to break the lock.

TSA agents have a set of universal keys that can open TSA approved locks. This means that if they need to inspect your luggage, they can do so without damaging your lock, and you can continue to use it as normal after inspection.

By using a TSA approved lock, you can secure your belongings while still allowing the TSA to access them if necessary. This provides added peace of mind when traveling, especially when checking valuable items such as electronics, jewelry, or important documents.

Telescopic Handle

The Voyageur Check In comes with a wider handle than most suitcases. You might not think it makes much of a difference, but the wide handle gives a more stable roll.

The wide handle also means the inside of the suitcase does not have to reduce space to accommodate as a narrower handle would.

The handle has four height settings at 90cm, 95cm, 100cm, 105cm.

At 5ft7″, I found the two lowest settings (90cm and 95cm) most comfortable for pushing the Voyageur, so taller people should find some comfort at 100cm and 105cm.

Lifetime Warranty

Level8 products cover with a lifetime warranty that covers:

  • any functional damage to the shell
  • wheels, handles
  • zippers
  • anything else that impairs your use of the luggage

You can read more about Level8’s lifetime warranty here.

Level8 discount code

Use my discount code ETB10 for 10% and buy the Level8 Voyageur directly from their site here.