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Grams(28) 154 City Pack Review + Discount Code

My backpack has been my go to travel bag for the last couple of decades now, but there are some days when I don’t need that much carrying space.

Sling bags have risen in popularity for travellers, but I’ve always thought they were just too small for my needs. The 154 City Pack by Grams(28) however sits somewhere between a small sling bag and a shoulder bag.

So I put the Grams(28) 154 City Pack through its paces on a week’s holiday in Cornwall. This included sightseeing, typical British summer rain showers and even a couple of boat trips…

Outside Grams(28) 154 City Pack

The 154 City Pack looks and feels premium and well made. There’s been a few times when I’ve had to pack it to the maximum and the stitching and zips have coped well under the pressure.

The main zip has some slight cosmetic damage on the side from daily use, but nothing major. So far, it’s the only damage the bag has to show. Grams(28) offer a lifetime warranty in any case of damage.

I’ve accidently scraped the bag several times against walls as I navigate the small, busy streets of St Ives, but the full grain Italian leather still looks as good as new.

Against my better judgement, I took the City Pack on a self drive boat trip in St Ives and got a lot more wet than I expected… What started out in fairly pleasant sunny weather ended with me getting battered by wave after wave.

Still, the salty sea water seems to have had no effect on the outer leather, which easily wipes clean. Even the main zip has a clever protector on the outside to keep water from penetrating and seeping inside so you won’t have to worry about rainy days (and boat trips).

The bag dimensions are 27 W x 21 H x 7 D cm, a maximum of 5ltrs (10.5” W x 8.25” H x2.75″ D). I’m 5ft7in to give you an idea how it looks on me for perspective.

Inside Grams(28) 154 City Pack

Inside the 154 City Pack you’ll find several sections and pockets to keep your belongings organised, which is my most favourite aspect of the bag. No longer will I have to rummage to the bottom of my bag to grab the thing I want.

The bag is organised into three larger sections, with one section having two smaller pockets and even an airtag holder. The bag is large enough to fit an 11″ iPad Pro.

The middle pocket has a magnet to keep this section slightly enclosed, perfect for quick access to valuables like my wallets.

The 154 City Pack just fits my Chilly’s water bottle width wise (but not my Hitch bottle). I can also fit my portable battery charger, sunglasses case, hand sanitiser, tissues, earbuds case, Samsung Z Fold 4 and phone tripod. Everything I need for a day out.

On the outside, there’s a pocket on the front and back which has been useful for storing thinner, smaller items like my hayfever tablets and gum.

I’m really happy to have the 154 City Pack as a travel bag option. It’s the perfect size to carry my travel essentials whether it’s city breaks, trips to the beach or just carrying my things on an airplane journey. It also seems like it is built to last both inside and out.

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