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What Does Christmas In London Look Like?

Magical is the answer.

In all seriousness, London is especially pretty for the festive season and usually goes all out (I’m looking at you Carnaby street).

You have the ever present giant Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square, a gift given every year by Norway as a thanks for aid during the Second World War, to the giant reindeer which changes appearance every year at Covent Garden.

Ever wondered what Christmas looks like in London? Here are some photos from 2014.

One of my favourite Christmas decorations in London was Carnaby Street!

carnaby street christmas decorations

Covent Gardens always go all out for Christmas. Another of my favourite decorations is the giant reindeer which changes every year I think. Rudolph was looking very elegant!

Giant reindeer covent gardens christmas 2014
giant reindeer covent gardens 2014
covent gardens christmas decorations
apple market covent gardens christmas
covent gardens christmas lights
apple market covent gardens christmas tree

A Christmas post about London’s decorations wouldn’t be complete without the iconic Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square!

trafalgar square christmas tree 2014 (2)
trafalgar square christmas tree

I love this alternative Christmas tree near the City Hall building and the lights of Tower Bridge in the background!

alternative christmas tree and tower bridge

While this traditional Christmas tree was taken near Tower of London.

christmas tree and tower bridge (2)

I think the Royal Opera House had the biggest Christmas wreath in London!

the royal opera house, london

No doubt a lot more collisions happened due to shoppers looking up at the Christmas decorations on Oxford Street!

oxford street christmas decorations 2014

New Bond Street had very classy Christmas street decorations. You wouldn’t expect anything else I guess!

new bond street christmas lights

Southbank warmed everyone up with a Christmas tree cafe.

southbank christmas tree cafe
Southbank christmas market

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What was your favourite Christmas photo or location in London? Tell me in the comments section below!

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