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It’s Oh So Quiet | Christmas Day Morning Walk In London

Alone in central London on Christmas Day with nothing to do? Walk, sightsee and enjoy the city when it’s unusually quiet.

Yes, I had Bjork’s It’s Oh So Quiet in my head as I walked around London on the morning of Christmas Day.

Okay, it wasn’t that quiet, but quiet for London standards nonetheless.

My original plan was to hire Boris bikes around London and film a London apocalypse video with Blair Witch style pov. Basically me running around London making scared faces in the camera. But there were still a surprising amount of people and cars. I didn’t to freak anyone out so I decided just to take some photos instead.

I started my Christmas Day walk around London at Millennium Bridge near Tate Modern.

I created leading lines by matching the corners of the frame to the bridge. This guides your eye to the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. I also love symmetry.


The Millennium Bridge is always packed full of people either just trying to get across the Thames or taking photos – like me photographing the love locks on the bridge. At 8am on Christmas Day, it was the quietest I’ve ever seen it. Even the paths near Tate Modern and the Thames were eerily quiet too.


I love the reflection of the Shard in this picture.


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I’m really gutted the gates to Somerset House were closed. I could only peer through and get a distant shot of the Christmas tree.


Covent Garden is one of my favourite places in London for Christmas attractions and lights. An area which is usually packed full of people, I could finally take some photos in peace!


The reindeer and giant Christmas tree are particular selfie favourites…


Not my best picture…Give me a break, I had been up since 5.30am!


I always think the giant Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square looks sick. Another area of London usually packed with tourists was pretty quiet on Christmas morning. I love this solitary figure in front of The National Gallery.


Peaceful or eerie. I can’t decide.

The sky really was that grey. It started to rain so I didn’t have the chance to walk and take any more photos around London. Boo.

The congestion charge and parking charges are waived on Christmas Day in London! Hooray, as public transport shuts down on Christmas Day!

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