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Pide Review, Fitzrovia | Gimme A Pide That Turkish Pizza

Look out traditional Italian pizza, gourmet Turkish pizza from Pide is looking for a piece of the London pizza action.

I was trying not to stare as he made the pizza. But the process is fascinating.


There’s no doubt Pide’s Turkish pizzas are freshly made then. You can see right into the kitchen, chef at work as he stretches the dough. He catches me staring, we exchange smiles. I turn away embarrassed.

Oh no, hard to pronounce dish names. Okay Tim, don’t embarrass yourself like you did at Pho. Just point at the menu like you’re abroad. If you receive a blank stare, just shout louder. That’ll get the message across.

Luckily the menu phonetically spells out the dish names. Phew.


But the gentleman serving me is more than happy and helpful to explain the menu. Pide is a boat shaped pizza, while the lahmacun is circular.

My pasterma (Cypriot beef chorizo), helim and Kashar cheese pide is light and fluffy, like garlic bread pizza from a certain game named pizza chain we shall not speak of. Only much, much better.Pide, Fitzrovia, London


At £6.50, you receive a good portion. A portion with quality ingredients at that. And a green chilli.


At the same price as nearby Italian pizzeria Icco (review), I’d take Pide every time.

I also recommend a dipping sauce to go with your pide, like the cool and fresh cacik (strained yoghurt with cucumber, mint, garlic and olive oil). Seriously, I’m going to try and make this at home it was that good. And you know I don’t cook.


And to complete the authentic Turkish experience, wash it all down with a traditional mandarin fruit juice.

Mandarin Turkish fruit juice

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